Jillian Bell’s ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Role Got Cut, So She Wrote Herself a Cameo

Jillian Bell’s ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Role Got Cut, So She Wrote Herself a Cameo

My sincere apologies to Mr. Adam Sandler, but Jillian Bell is hands down the best part of Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2.

The sequel to the 2019 Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston comedy, Murder Mystery 2 began streaming on Netflix on Friday. Three years later, Nick (Sandler) and Audrey (Aniston) are still bickering like an old married couple (likely because they are an old married couple) and still solving mysteries. This time around, they are on the case to retrieve their kidnapped friend, the Maharajah, who was yoinked by some mysterious assailants at his wedding.

It all comes to a head at the famed Le Jules Verne restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. Nick and Audrey have just confronted the bad guy: A muscled SAS mercenary named Conner Miller (played by action star Mark Strong.). Conner reveals his evil plan—to kill everyone—and prepares to bomb the restaurant with a detonator. But before he can pull the trigger, Le Jules Verne restaurant elevator doors open with a ding, revealing… Jillian Bell in a green peacoat, clutching a red rose!

Everyone pauses. Huh? Who the hell is this woman?

“I’m Susan,” Bell explains in an earnest lilt. “Gary and I met here 10 years ago when I was studying abroad, and we promised that if we still loved each other and we hadn’t found anyone else, that we would meet halfway up the Eiffel Tower, at midnight, tonight. And I still love him very much. Are any of you Gary?”

Jillian Bell in Murder Mystery 2
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She looks hopefully out at the crowd of armed men and kidnapping suspects. Unfortunately, no, Gary is not there. Sorry, Susan. I guess he doesn’t love you. But I’m not sorry that Murder Mystery 2 choose to put its big climactic fight scene on hold for a minute to feature this hilarious moment from comedian Jillian Bell. (Who you may know from Brittany Runs a Marathon, Workaholics, Rough Night, and a number of other very funny roles she’s had throughout the years.)

In fact, according to the Murder Mystery 2 production notes, Bell pitched the cameo idea herself. The comedian was originally supposed to have a much larger role in the movie, as Jennifer Aniston’s on-screen sister. Unfortunately, the character was cut. But Bell knew when to shoot her shot, so she pitched director Jeremy Garelick on the idea that she could show up randomly at the Jules Verne restaurant, during the climax, as an entirely different character. Garelick loved the idea, so it went into the movie.

Susan might not find her Gary, but she still gets a happy ending. Danny Boon’s character in the movie, an incurable flirt named Delacroix, finally finds a woman who is charmed by his advances. Susan promises she’ll go on a dinner date with Delacroix… after he gets treated for his injuries from being kinda, sorta, blown up. Relax, he’s fine!

Shout-out to Jillian Bell not only for advocating for herself, but for delivering one of funniest moments in the movie. Bring back Susan in Murder Mystery 3!


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