Jason Lee and Kanye West Teamed to Elevate Culture at the “The Future Brunch”

Jason Lee and Kanye West Teamed to Elevate Culture at the “The Future Brunch”

At YE’s “The Future Brunch,” Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked and self-made billionaire YE invited 50 black journalists to discuss the disparities in black media, the importance of reclaiming the narrative and taking ownership in one’s brand – being 100 percent black-owned and more on Sunday, February 6, 2022.

YE spoke briefly about his desire to create a movement rather than a moment at Black Future Month, which kicked off the Future Brunch. “This is the future,” said Ye. “There is no looking backward – only forwards.”

The ceremony was followed by a touching film outlining how YE wants to start taking control of his story, and it ended with a town hall conversation moderated by popular media personality Jason Lee and Michelle Mitchell, Strategic Communities Program Manager, Media Partnerships at Meta. Among the topics discussed were the black future and raising the culture, media desegregation, the significance of equity and having a seat at the table, reinventing black narrative and humanizing how we’re shown in media, as well as the metaverse.

“Me and Virgil believed in black design,” said Ye. “Now we need to invest in black media. God uses me as a vessel – we declare Black Future Month. The future – not the past.”

As the roundtable conversation came to a close, Ye paused the breakfast to present Jason with flowers for his ongoing efforts in paving the way for Black journalists, creating a platform for artists to tell their stories, and spearheading this important and much-needed all-Black media brunch.

“I appreciate you giving me my flowers, but the purpose of this brunch is to give you all your flowers,” says Jason Lee, owner of Hollywood Unlocked.

“Today’s conversation with all of the most powerful black people in media and YE was a moment that will define an unstoppable movement,” says Jason Lee.

To learn more about The Future Brunch, visit www.hollywoodunlocked.com.


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