‘It’s Fair Game Now’: Angelina Is Already Ready For Battle On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

‘It’s Fair Game Now’: Angelina Is Already Ready For Battle On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

After being separated for months, (most) Jersey Shore crew were again under one roof for an old-fashioned family dinner. But the bruschetta bread was barely served before “the disrespect” started flying.

Although Snooki and Vinny were absent, the long-awaited gathering of the rest of the roommates seemed somewhat appropriate for Family holiday100th episode (it just seems like yesterday Angelina was in Miami talking) — even the significant others were there. There were DJ Pauly D and his girlfriend Nikki, JWOWW and her fiancĂ© Zack, parents of two Deena and Chris, and Mother and father Mike and Lauren, getting ready for their first “big night out” since having baby Romeo. And perhaps most surprisingly, there were Angelina and Chris (and his freshly combed beard), who have been on the rocks for months – and remembered even longer.

But like most family dinners go, the proverbial peace can only be kept for a while, and before long eyes were rolled and birds turned (hey, at least wine bottles weren’t grabbed).

Cause? A simple discussion about the future holidays destinations that led to the not-so-innocent mention of a small New Jersey township.

“Angelina, how far are we from the old bridge?” DJ Pauly D asked, referring to a sore subject for Angelina.

“Oh, f*ck, here we go. What the f*ck? I’m mad now. Two can play this game. It’s fair game now,” said the Staten Island resident.

In typical Angelina fashion, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. She immediately addressed the table: “Yo, I heard through the streets…”

If the preview has any inclination, Angelina has “a crazy rumor,” leading to their next family trip after Poconos: sunny Los Angeles. Watch it all go down below jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.


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