“It was everything we expected”

“It was everything we expected”

On Tuesday, a delegation from Oregon toured the historic full forensic audit process in Arizona.

The paper exam will be completed on Saturday, June 26, and audit officials are still being inundated with requests from state delegations to get a tour.

We have reported this before. The Audits Freight Train is running at full speed.

MORE State Delegations Tour The AZ Audit Including Oregon and Washington – “The Freight Train of Audits” Continues!

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An Oregon delegation from Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Henderson and Deschutes Republican Party Committee chairman Mark Knowles have scrutinized this process as a model for election integrity.

Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke with Phil Henderson and Mark Knowles after their tour.

Conradson: what did you think?

Henderson: It was just an impressive amount of detail and forward thinking that went into this planning, and we were briefed on all the steps of the system beforehand, so I was really impressed.

Conradson: also every T crossed every dot I dotted, I really loved it.

Conradson: can you tell me why you came here?

Henderson: We’re from a county, Deschutes County, Oregon, which has about 200,000 people, and it’s the seventh largest in Oregon and we’re what I call on the Republican-Democrat border, really a split county and so we’re interested in the integrity of the election there in Oregon. The first mail and voter, as a state, so we have a lot of experience with that we wonder about the susceptibilities there and we are also a motorized voter registration state through which a lot of people register whether they like it or not, so to speak . so there are some things we wanted to see how they do.

In “motorcycle voter” states, drivers are automatically registered to vote when receiving or renewing their driver’s license. I wonder how many people voted without knowing it!

Knowles: It restores public confidence in the election that every vote counts, every legal vote counts, and there are, you know, friends and families asking a lot of questions about this and that and we just learned. It was everything we didn’t expect anymore, I guess.

Conradson: So you guys are proactive for future elections?

Henderson:Yes, I think so, I think so. I’m the chairman of the Deschutes local Republican committee. We have an electoral integrity subcommittee that is going to look at the processes in our county and then try to share it with other state officials and some of these questions that have been asked by reviewing this.

Conradson: Do you have a message for other state officials to come and view this trial?

Henderson: I think, I think all states should come here to see this because it will push them to rethink their processes if they really want real, fair elections.

Knowles: 19 states have been here, which means 31 haven’t.

Henderson: I think what’s happening, you know you live in another state, it’s not a center of the news in Portland we have riots, that’s what we focused on. Rioting instead of voting, so we don’t know, most people don’t know how much it is looked at and the audit process. And so the reserve results will come from this. And people have missed how they got there, and that’s what I think other states should focus on and see.

Portland Antifa Communists

Henderson and Knowles are focused on bringing these ideas back to Portland to clean up the horribly mismanaged electoral rolls and secure their elections.

These Democratic politicians have been stealing elections for years and must be stopped before these ANTIFA and BLM villains set fire to the city and continue to kill innocent people.

ALL states need to visit Arizona and see what’s going on. Contact your legislators NOW if you want to see an audit in your home state!

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