Is Spies’ Emerald Cell the strongest challenge team ever?

Is Spies’ Emerald Cell the strongest challenge team ever?

If green is indeed the color of money, then? The challenge‘s new powerhouse – Emerald Cell – certainly lives up to his designated suit and might be wise to prepare his bank account for a sizable deposit. Still, there’s still a lot of game to play, and everything could change, but is it possible that Tori, Kaycee, Nany, Devin, Josh and Emanuel are already among the best in the world? Challenge best?

On tonight’s episode, all eyes were on the six-piece for “Sunken Intelligence,” a mission that challenged each of the game’s three teams to untangle a huge, heavy rope expertly threaded through a sunken ship. With three wins to his name, Emerald Cell had locked Emerald and Ruby Cells out of victories, and they were determined to remain undefeated.

And remain undefeated, they did.

As morale plummeted among the Red and Blue squads (Ashley called Sapphire Cell a “sh*t sandwich”, while Emanuel compared Ruby’s performance to a shipwreck) Green saw their teamwork only improve, and after all was said and done, Emerald improved. Cell set his record to 4-0, while Ruby and Sapphire Cells both fell to 0-4.

“Who will win four times in a row?” asked Devin. ‘This man… Have we been arrested? New.”

And the subsequent elimination proved that Emerald Cell might be unstoppable. After Logan defeated fellow Ruby Cell teammate Cory in “Rope Burn,” a game of tug-of-war atop two halved orbs (poor guys probably have some ankle pain), he — like three Lair winners before him — failed to join the most powerful team of Season 37 and defected to Sapphire Cell instead.

And Nany, who had been praying that Emerald Cell would pass through the game unchanged, heaved a sigh of relief. Still, she saw Sapphire Cell, a team now made up of the only two remaining champions and the two strongest rookies, as another looming roadblock.

“Emerald is a strong team,” she said. “I love my team, but with each elimination Sapphire Team is getting stronger and stronger. We definitely have competition.”

But can Emerald continue to fend off his rivals? And if it can, would that make it the strongest? Challenge team ever? Let’s not forget that Paula and Emily won five of the first six Rivals II missions or if Coral did the same on Fresh meat. And Battle of the Sexes 2‘s men won 13 out of 16 missions, while hell‘s Traffic rules only outfit allowed Real world four wins out of a possible 16. Where do you think Emerald Cell sits on the pantheon of the most dominant? Challenge plowing? Tell us your thoughts and then catch Spies, Lies and Allies on Wednesday!


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