“I’m Grateful” – Career Criminal With 32 Past Arrests Praises New York Reform Bill On Bail

“I’m Grateful” – Career Criminal With 32 Past Arrests Praises New York Reform Bill On Bail

Left-wing politics is destroying New York.

From the New York Post:

Between lenient judges and liberal state bail reform laws, a slew of violent criminals ended up back on the streets — only to go wrong again.

The soft-on-crime statute, passed by state lawmakers in 2019 and amended in 2020, stripped judges of discretion by preventing them from bailing out nearly all felonies and non-violent crimes.

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Career criminals are now openly praising it.

58-year-old career criminal Charles Wold said he was “grateful” for the reform of New York’s bail laws.

Wold is charged with robbing a Deli on Nov. 28 and then charged with robbing another four businesses over the next nine days.

From the New York Post:

A career criminal under surveillance in a slew of break-ins in Brooklyn and Manhattan is free to loot city businesses at will thanks to what he called the state’s “great” reform laws, The Post has learned.

“I am grateful for [bail reform] because I’m too old to go to jail, I’m way too old, I can’t,” said Charles Wold, 58, in a telephone interview Friday.

Wold, a long-term drug addict, is charged with breaking and entering seven different businesses in Brooklyn alone, plus another three in Manhattan, over the course of just three months. But every time police brought him in, he was released because of the state’s controversial reform laws, court records show.

‘Rikers Island isn’t the key, you know what I mean? I’ve been in prison all my life, I can do that when I stand on my head, it doesn’t teach me anything, I can get more drugs there than out here,” he said. “Hopefully the prosecutor will see that I have not committed all of these crimes that they are accusing me of and they will be fired.”

Charles Wold has 32 previous arrests dating back to 1983.

11 of those arrests were in 2021 alone.

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