If Biden’s COVID Response Was A Gun, He’d Shoot Himself

If Biden’s COVID Response Was A Gun, He’d Shoot Himself

Talking about a Christmas present to Trump supporters and the anti-COVID vax mob (I’m a proud member), Dementia Joe frankly admitted that his comprehensive national strategy, Path Out of the Pandemic, is total BS. Here’s what he praised earlier this year:

President Biden implements a six-pointed, comprehensive national strategy that uses the same scientific approach used earlier this year to successfully combat previous strains of COVID-19. This plan will ensure that we use all available resources to fight COVID-19 and save even more lives in the coming months, while also keeping schools open and safe and protecting our economy from lockdowns and damage.

  • Vaccinate non-vaccinated people
  • Further protection of the vaccinated (with booster shots)
  • Keep schools open safely
  • Require more testing and masking
  • Protecting our economic recovery
  • Improving care for people with COVID-19

Today, Joe Biden told US governors: When it comes to COVID, you’re on your own. Cristina Laila previously posted Demented Joe’s story admitting:

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“Look, there is no federal solution to COVID. This will be resolved at the state level.”

Let’s be specific about the sheer magnitude of this failure.

  1. Vaccinating the unvaccinated has stalled as a growing number of Americans now realize that untested vaccines don’t protect you from getting infected again. What’s the point of getting an injection that won’t protect you from the disease? Making matters worse is the growing evidence that some who receive the vaccine later die from heart attacks and blood clots. Pregnant women in their first two trimesters have miscarriages. And professional athletes, especially those who play soccer, get pericarditis and myocarditis.
  2. Further protection of the vaccinated? What a macabre joke that has become. Two weeks ago, in my part of Florida, 85% of people with COVID in the ICU had not been vaccinated. Today that number is 74%. Do you understand the trendline? MORE VACCINED people are getting sick with COVID, including those on boosters. You can only lie to people so long before they get tired of your lying and shut you out. That is one of the terrible legacies that Joe Biden has created.
  3. Keep schools open safely? The onslaught of the new COVID wave in the northern blue states creates new mandates to halt classroom learning. The COVID generation of children dependent on public education in urban areas will be the most ignorant, uneducated lot in America’s history.
  4. Need more and more testing and masking? A strong percentage of Americans are fed up with mask mandates because the masks do not prevent the spread of COVID. If the masks really worked according to Biden’s insane fantasy, we wouldn’t see the massive current wave of COVID infections sweeping across the United States.
  5. Protect our economic recovery? How do you get a growing, prosperous economy when a shortage of supplies is shutting down businesses or COVID wreaking havoc on air travel? Then inflation rages on. It’s only going to get worse.
  6. Improving care for people with COVID? Pray you live in a red state with a governor like Ron DeSantis. If you get the COVID in Florida, you have access to monoclonal antibody treatment, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. If you’re in New York or Massachusetts, good luck. It is likely that you will be denied a potentially life-saving treatment.

Donald Trump’s meme no longer works when it comes to the current COVID disaster. In August, an attempt was made to demonize Ron DeSantis as an incompetent killer for his COVID policies. I received the following email (dated August 17, 2021) from one of my liberal acquaintances who calls himself a journalist:

Man, Florida seems like living hell – crazy governor, gross incompetence, bizarre political psychotic behavior – is this your view of America because I don’t like it.

I answered:

Too bad you’re not a journalist. Because if you really did some research and talked to people who live here, you’d realize that the propaganda campaign against DeSantis is bullshit.

He wrote back:

Really – I’m just looking at numbers and they look REALLY bad in Florida. Your death/hospitalization rate is terrible. You are statistically one of the worst places on Earth. It seems that DeSantis has the same hubris problem as Trump thinking you can spin a global pandemic for political points – predictably leads to needless death and pain.

My last response:

Please believe everything you read. We’re just fine here. I don’t see you jumping up and down over the fact that we learned overnight that Cuomo was hiding 12,000 deaths that were his responsibility. While he hid the dead, Hollywood and established media like you lined up for ****. So spare me your selective outrage. DeSantis believes in freedom. If you want to wear a mask, wear one. But there is no valid medical or scientific reason to force vaccinated people or those with COVID antibodies to wear a mask. They are immune. The bullshit reporting about Florida is a nice distraction from the goat rope that Biden has made in Afghanistan.

Did you write something to Nancy Pelosi denouncing her fundraiser, where all these white donkeys sat shoulder to shoulder with no mask in sight, except for the little brown people who were forced to wear masks to wait for Pelosi’s crowd. If you really called fair balls and strikes, I’d respect you. I recommend that you match either Glenn Greenwald or Matt Taibi. .

With New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, etc. breaking records for new infections and hospitalizations, the misguided soul who tried to scorch DeSantis finds his own words back to bite him. Florida is experiencing another wave as all snowbirds from the northern states with lockdowns and mandates flock here, spreading more than Christmas cheer. But no problem, we really believe in science in Florida and we are not going to lie that getting a vaccine and wearing a mask will protect you from COVID.

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