Iconic Women On Reality TV

Iconic Women On Reality TV

Whether you like reality TV or not, there is no doubt that you’ve seen or heard of these iconic women.

What better way to end Women’s History Month than with some powerful women on reality TV. Though these genres of women can have negative reputations, reality TV wouldn’t be what it is without these iconic moguls. I gathered a list of the most iconic moments that explain why these women are historical and the definition of ICONIC.


Tyra Banks: “We were all rooting for you.”

10 by 10 Entertainment / Via media.giphy.com

It’s very rare to see Tyra Banks get out of character. But contestant Tiffany Richardson pushed her there. 

After Tiffany’s elimination during America’s Next Top Model cycle four, instead of crying and breaking down in front of Tyra and the other judges, she bowed out gracefully. And that was a no-no according to Tyra. She wanted Tiffany to learn a lesson from the elimination, but Tiffany was fine leaving. She recalled feeling like the judges were constantly “roasting the f–k out of us.”


Tiffany Pollard, aka “New York”: “HBIC”

51 Minds Entertainment / Via wifflegif.com

Let’s not forget the HBIC! Tiffany Pollard, aka New York, created reality TV when she appeared on the first season of The Flavor of Love. Now, reality TV wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for The Head Bitch in Charge. Though Flava Flav was naming all the women in the house, New York made sure to make her self-proclaimed name, “HBIC,” known. 

After the reality show and not winning over the rapper’s heart, New York got her own spinoff, I Love New York.  

Check out some of the HBIC’s top moments. 


Kim Kardashian: “You’re the least interesting to look at.”

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Keeping Up with The Kardashians / Via Youtube

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has many moments that will be down in the books. But Kim’s ugly argument with her sister Kourtney was just brutal. She claims Kourtney is the “least interesting to look at.” This is because Kourtney didn’t want to be in the family photo shoot the entire day since she had children and was focused on being a mom. Though Kim read her good, Kourtney has some stand-alone one-liners as well. 


Lisa Rinna: “Own it.”

Evolution Media / Via tenor.com

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna is infamously known for telling her cast mates to “own it” whilst she doesn’t own anything. Her famous line “own it” trended on the show after she yelled at Lisa Vanderpump during the Season 6 reunion. 

Look at Lisa Rinna’s messiest moments. 


Nicole Polizzi, aka “Snooki”: “Party’s here!”

495 Productions MTV / Via tenor.com

Jersey Shore’s Snooki rubbed her roommates the wrong way when she announced her arrival to the house during Season 1. Her iconic line “Party’s here” actually blocked off all potential friends in the house. It was her vs. everyone — good thing she was just misunderstood and was soon everyone’s favorite that season. 


Tanisha Thomas: “I didn’t get no sleep ‘cuz of ya’ll.”

Bunim-Murray Productions / Via media.giphy.com

Bad Girls Club is another show that will be legendary for all reality TV. And iconic Tanisha Thomas is no miss. Her pan-beating song to wake the girls up in the house because of their loudness from a previous night was classic. 

*Side note*: If you ever want to get someone’s attention, just beat two pans together to wake them out of their slumber. 


Stassi Schroeder: “I’m not really sure what I’ve done to you, but I’ll take a pinot grigio.”

MGM Television

There was a point in time when Vanderpump Rules was that show. And Season 3 was filled with Stassi trying to make rights with the people she has wronged. Though Scheana clearly wasn’t on that list since all she wanted was a pinot grigio. 


Erika Jayne: “Being poor sucks, and being rich is a lot better.”

Evolution Media / Via tenor.com

Miss Erika Jayne has lived through it all. From rags to riches, Erika was iconic for her vibrant fashion and tell-all mouth. What you see isn’t what you get, shockingly with Erika. She grew up in a small town and was very poor until meeting her very rich, now-estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

As it turns out, “Being poor sucks, and being rich is a lot better,” according to this Beverly Hills housewife. 


K. Michelle: “This bitch is shaking the table.”

Monami Entertainment / Via tenor.com

Singer turned reality star, K. Michelle was always in the middle of some drama on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But a moment that will forever be iconic is her impersonation of Karlie Redd shaking the table. Karlie was being messy and spreading lies, and K. Michelle didn’t like that at all. Though K. Michelle was able to compose herself, she got Karlie riled up. And K. Michelle’s response is, “Don’t shake, unless you ready to get shook.” 

Truly iconic. 


Brandi Glanville slapping the mess out of Lisa Vanderpump

Evolution Media / Via tenor.com

Because when is it ever OK to slap your dear friend in the midst of joking around. Just one of the many things wrong with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville. In true crazy spirit, Brandi slaps the mess out of Lisa Vanderpump, and that solidified the end of their relationship. 

Brandi just always takes it too far. Watch the slap here.


Gizelle Bryant: ‘Free Uncle Ben’

Bravo TV

Messy Gizelle Bryant just had to be even messier. In the middle of fellow Real Housewife of Potomac Karen Huger’s tax drama with the Black Bill Gates, aka her husband, Gizelle thought it would be hilarious to a sport a T-shirt in front of Karen saying, #FreeKaren, #FreeUncleBen (Karen’s husband), #TaxReform. 

Catch the iconic moment here. 


Bethenny Frankel: “Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs”

Richochet / Via media.giphy.com

The Real Housewives of New York City Bethenny Frankel is known for her one-liners. Though she may be controversial, “Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs” will remain a classic. 

Her line comes from a scary night on the island when fellow cast mate Kelly Killoren Bensimon was acting…well…”cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” as Frankel says. 


Lindsay Hubbard: “How many sandwiches have you made for me?”

Truly Original Left Hook Media / Via media.giphy.com

It’s a legit question! 

“How many sandwiches have you made” for your significant other? Summer House‘s Lindsay Hubbard was fed up with her then-boyfriend’s requests that involved her making sandwiches for him while he worked remotely in summer house during 2020. I don’t blame her — he was helpless, and she was constantly catering to him, which led to the legendary, “How many sandwiches have you made for me?”


Tamar Braxton: “Have several seats”

Magical Elves Production

If you didn’t know, “have several seats” comes from Tamar Braxton on Braxton Family Values. The term is basically shutting down anyone that is doing the most. Tamar drove that phrase to housewife platinum as so many housewives are using it. Whenever someone tells you to “have a seat,” make sure you tell them to “have several” because the problem isn’t you — it’s them! 


Kandi Burruss: “Well, what you said was some bull****.”

Truly Original

Following from the iconic NeNe Leakes’ line “I said what I said,” Kandi Burruss’s response sent me! “Well, what you said was some bull****.” 

Kandi is a true staple of the Atlanta housewives franchise and always brings us banger one-liners — whether it’s about food or being a true business mogul. Kandi never stepped down to anyone, yet her and NeNe could never get on the same track. 


Jenni Farley, aka “JWoww”: “You can stay and get your ass beat, or you can stay and get your f***** ass beat.”

495 Productions MTV / Via tenor.com

The roommates were fed up with Angelina Pivarnick’s tactics at this point, and JWoww wasn’t having it. Though JWoww could enjoy a good party, she had zero tolerance for nonsense. 

So what will it be, Angelina — option A or option B? 


Karen Huger: “You gotta make millions to owe millions.”

True Entertainment / Via tenor.com

According to the self-proclaimed Grand Dame, “You got to make millions to owe millions.” 

After speculation about whether Real Housewife of Potomac Karen Huger and her husband, Ray, were in some tax trouble, Karen reinstated to noisy housewife Robyn Dixon that in order to owe that much money, they must have been making that much…something Robyn couldn’t understand. 


Porsha Williams: “This is 265 days in a year.”

Truly Original

Wherever Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams is living is where I want to live. Imagine a world with only 265 days. I mean, must I say anything else. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Porsha has had a slow moment like this. She once referred to the Underground Railroad as an actual train. Yikes…still iconic though. 

Watch NeNe Leakes’ reaction to Porsha’s 265 days a year comment.


Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s “Big Poppa” scandal

Truly Original / Via tenor.com

We never really found out who “Big Poppa” was. But NeNe Leakes and the other Atlanta OGs insinuated it was a married man. Kim Zolciak made it known at the time that Big Poppa was paying for her expensive life, which qualified her to be one of the first Atlanta housewives.

So, who was “Big Poppa”? 


Lisa Vanderpump: “You’re not important enough to hate — sit down.”

Evolution Media / Via tenor.com

When Lisa Vanderpump says you’re not important, you are not important! 

On Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder was in the middle of her apology tour and claimed to Lisa that Lisa hated her, and that’s when Lisa made it known, “You’re not important enough to hate. Sit down.” Aww, bloody hell, as LVP says! 


Tamra Judge: “That’s my opinion.”

MGM Television / Via media.giphy.com

It’s just her opinion, geez. 

Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge never really feels any of fellow housewife Vicki Gunvalson’s beaus. And Brooks Ayers wasn’t an exception. Maybe it’s because he lied about cancer, but Tamra told her friend she doesn’t like him, and she doesn’t think he’s good for her during the Season 9 reunion —and, “That’s my opinion.” 


Kenya Moore: “Gone with the wind FABULOUS, OK?”

Truly Original / Via tenor.com

Self-proclaimed, “Gone with the wind fabulous” Kenya Moore was always twirling on the haters.

In her freshman season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, she got into it with other newbie Porsha Williams, and claimed she was, “Gone with the wind, fabulous.” This line set her up to perform on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

I must say, the phrase is iconic, and she is fabulous. 


Heather Dubrow: “This is low base bull****!”

MGM Television

Heather Dubrow is typically very put together but fellow housewife of Orange County Kelly Dodd triggered her. 

In a distasteful dinner, Kelly went on a nasty rant, calling some “C U Next Tuesdays,” and Heather thought it was terrible! She kicked Kelly out of the dinner, and worst of all Kelly stayed. Though Heather ran out on the phone with her husband crying, she claims Kelly is “low base bull****.” And I agree. 


Luann de Lesseps: “Be cool. Don’t be all…like, uncool.”

Richochet / Via media.giphy.com

It was a classic mix-up. Real Housewives of New York‘s Luann de Lesseps and housewife Ramona Singer were having some fun on a girls trip in Turks and Caico, where they ran into some men…because why not? But the other ladies’ reactions to their drunken makeouts and partying were deemed uncool by Luann. 

Just chill. 


Jen Shah: “You’re gonna go with Mary, who f***** her grandfather?”

Warner Bros. Television Studios UK / Via tenor.com

Context is definitely necessary for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City‘s Jen Shah. 

Jen was just having another one of her epic blow-ups at an event during Season 1 and was upset when fellow housewives rallied around Mary, who is married to her step-grandfather. 


Shaunie O’ Neal: “Thank you for your services.”

Warner Bros. Television Studios UK / Via tenor.com

The first time an executive producer actually stepped to the plate and fired a cast member on camera. 

During a girls trip, Basketball Wives cast member Brandi Maxiell called fellow cast member AND executive producer Shaunie O’Neal a bitch in front of all the other ladies. Shaunie wasn’t having it, and instead thanked her for her services. Once those five words dropped, Brandi was speechless, just as the whole table was, and was dismissed. Though she did appear at the reunion, her air time was drastically cut in the following season, finally fading away and being unheard of in the next seasons of Basketball Wives. 

Check out Shaunie’s classic moment here. 


Phaedra Parks reading Kenya Moore for filth


NeNe Leakes: “I am very rich, BITCH!”

Truly Original / Via tenor.com

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta NeNe Leakes said, “I am very rich, BITCH,” to fellow cast member Shereé Whitfield in a heated dispute from Season 4, it was forever deemed a classic. Followed by her iconic line, the cashing “Donald Trump checks” quote, these lines live rent-free in my head. 

Watch it here.


Teresa Giudice’s epic table flip

ITV Studios / Via media.giphy.com

I’m pretty sure Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice put New Jersey on the map with her epic table flip. In a heated argument with fellow housewife Danielle Staub, the two threw insults at one another while trying to figure out timelines until one just flipped…the table that is. 

Watch Teresa’s epic housewife moment. 


Shereé Whitfield: “Who gon’ check me, boo?”

Truly Original / Via media.giphy.com

Of course, Atlanta takes the cake of being the most iconic ending, with Shereé Whitfield’s “Who gon’ check me, boo?” 

During a messy argument with her event planner, the planner got a little rowdy answering Shereé’s questions. In classic Shereé fashion, she maintained her composure and asked the planner, “Who gon’ check me, boo?” after the planner was getting a little too hostile. 


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