‘I Am Bisexual’: Amber Talks About Her Sexual Orientation On Teen Mom OG

‘I Am Bisexual’: Amber Talks About Her Sexual Orientation On Teen Mom OG

Amber is about to be “more honest” in her second memoir. And on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG, the mother of two shared something that she will discuss in the upcoming book.

“People will probably be a little shocked, but I’m bisexual,” Amber told her producer David after asking if there’s anything she hasn’t announced publicly yet.

Amber explained that she dated a woman for eight months when she was 20.

“How do you like saying it?” David posed.

“I’m really scared right now,” Amber confessed, adding that Gary knows and she doesn’t think he will be “very open” about it. “I think he’ll think it’s going to be bad for Leah. The thought of going to therapy to help our relationship, so this is just another shame on them.”

But back to Leah: She and James were a “big factor” in her decision to reveal her sexual orientation.

“I don’t want them ever to think it’s bad,” she said. “I don’t want them looking at other people who are that bad. Who am I to sit here and hide forever, what was I supposed to do anyway? I’d go to the grave with this.”

However, Amber chose the opposite — and now she no longer hides this part of her life. Give your support to Amber in the comments and keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday.


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