Human rights organization calls on DOJ to ‘act quickly’ and stop Greg Abbott’s border scheme

Human rights organization calls on DOJ to ‘act quickly’ and stop Greg Abbott’s border scheme

“Media reports indicate that some of the arrests made during the operation were questionable, leading to charges against migrants being dropped or dismissed,” Human Rights Watch said. “For example, with the collusion of the border patrol, police reportedly a group of 11 migrants marched into private property and then arrested them for trespassing.” A prosecutor in recent weeks has dropped charges against 11 men who had been despicably arrested in this way by officials.

But Human Rights Watch notes that the racist rhetoric from Abbott and the Republicans — “We’re being invaded,” Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick claimed, as Abbott has reiterated in similar terms — has also attracted the attention of militia groups “attempting to carry out immigration enforcement without supervision, liability or training.” Border officials are also not remotely interested in stopping them: Dave Neiwert of Daily Kos noted their “cozy” relationship last summer.

“Some officials in Kinney County, one of only two counties to have carried out the Operation Lone Star arrests so far, appear to endorse the presence in the county of these anti-immigrant militia groups, including ‘Patriots for America,’ according to reports in the media cited in a public inquiry by the American Civil Liberties Union-Texas and the Texas Civil Rights Project,” said Human Rights Watch. “The leader of ‘Patriots for America’ has claimed it coordinates with law enforcement.”

Local lawyers have been calling on the federal government to intervene for months, saying that “If we don’t get to grips with this soon, it will get really bad.” Grassroots Leadership Co-executive Director Claudia Muñoz told Prism in Sept. We are long past that point. The following month, Representative Joaquin Castro led House Democrats to call on the Justice Department to open an investigation, saying that Operation Lone Star has “led directly to a violation of state laws and the constitutional rights to a fair trial.”

But so far there has been no public news from the federal government on this matter. Executive Director of Human Rights Watch US Program Nicole Austin-Hillery said that while the federal government defends reproductive justice and voting rights in the state, it “is alarmingly absent when it comes to this state abuse of migrants.”

“Operation Lone Star has resulted in serious lawsuits and civil rights violations, mocked the Texas justice system, and led to dangerous xenophobia,” said Austin-Hillery. “The Justice Department must urgently investigate and take all available measures to end these abuses and ensure accountability for violations of migrants’ rights.” Munoz said: “Operation Lone Star, a policy driven by racism, is the latest effort to invoke extremism against immigrants, endangering border crossings and border communities.”

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