How TikTok’s “Tragic Formula” Prioritized Views Over Accuracy In The Gabby Petito Case

How TikTok’s “Tragic Formula” Prioritized Views Over Accuracy In The Gabby Petito Case

BuzzFeed Daily: The piece you wrote for BuzzFeed News is all about true crime fans, particularly the ones you’re describing now on TikTok. There are tons of internet sleuths who have been trying to help solve the case, but at the same time, there are some TikTokers who are maybe using the Gabby Petito case to bolster their own following, since this is just now going so viral. How do you discern whether these shooters motives are actually noble or if they’re just being opportunistic?

TC: So the TikTok user who I interviewed for that piece characterized it really nicely. Her name is Jessica Dean. She had kind of lived through the infamous Slenderman stabbing and had known many people involved in that case personally. So she has a really good perspective on not only this, but the true crime frenzy of it all, that she reminds us that we should all keep in mind when we’re talking about it.

She basically said that it most likely isn’t malicious, or it’s happening on a subconscious level, but it is concerning that people feel such liberty to kind of turn to their TikTok accounts and post and talk so openly about the case as if they were gossiping to friends about it. But their gossip is now being blasted to millions of people and influencing millions of people’s opinions before we even know what’s going on or where the next lead or update can take us.

And sometimes TikTokers will correct the information that they have in a follow-up TikTok, but they won’t always delete the original one. So she pointed out how problematic that is because the original one has garnered a lot of views and now we are all beholden to views and these statistics for value online. And so it’s a really kind of tragic formula that doesn’t prioritize trying to get the right information out there to get closer to figuring out what happened to Gabby.


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