How Emily in Paris Is Addressing Representation Criticism

How Emily in Paris Is Addressing Representation Criticism

The show has also been criticized for its depiction of French culture.

“We’re portraying clichés and we’re portraying one single vision of Paris,” Collins’ French co-star Lucas Bravo told Cosmopolitan last year. “Paris is one of the most diverse cities in the world. We have so many ways of thinking, so many different nationalities, so many different neighborhoods. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to know everything that’s going on in Paris. It’s an entire world in a city, At some point, if you want to tell a story about Paris, you have to choose an angle. You have to choose a vision. French critics, they didn’t understand the fact that it’s just one vision. They’re like, ‘Oh, this is not what Paris is.’ Of course. Paris is many things.”

Collins also addressed French critics in an interview with Vogue Arabia. “As disheartening as it sometimes is to read these things, it’s also a gift; you’re being allowed to improve,” she said, later adding that, ahead of season two, creator Darren Starr and fellow producers “championed my opinions and opened me up to an experience that was so rewarding and empowering.”

Despite the criticism, Emily in Paris has been viewed by millions of households. In fact, it was Netflix’s most popular comedy series of 2020, with 58 million viewers in the first 28 days alone. The show, which provided an escape for many amid the coronavirus pandemic, also earned two Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Season two of Emily in Paris is set to hit the streaming platform Dec. 22.

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