How Casey’s Pregnancy Unfolded During the Challenge: All Stars

How Casey’s Pregnancy Unfolded During the Challenge: All Stars

Casey happily shared a “mini starsin March 2022. But that was just the beginning: Challenge cameras turned while the Fresh meat alum learned that she and her then-fiancé (now husband!) Kyle were going to be parents.

During this week All stars Casey admitted that she felt more tired than usual and that she had “counted many days” (i.e. she was late).

“I think about things a lot, and this could all be related to stress in this environment, but I’m an accountant,” Casey stated in a confessional, as she privately prepared to take a pregnancy test. “So I’ve done the math and at this point I’m pretty sure there’s a very good chance I could be pregnant.”

Sure enough, her gut feeling was correct and the result was positive (mom’s intuition!). Shortly after, Casey called her beau and told him the life-changing news.

“Oh my gosh,” Kyle said sweetly during the video call, with Casey adding, “I took a few more just to be sure!” while she was holding the tests.

Although Casey said she was “super happy” – the “I love you” exchanged with Kyle was extra touching – she was unsure of her fate in the game and whether it would have a “negative influence” on her partner Cohutta. Casey chose to keep her pregnancy out of the cast to protect the upcoming vote (sending Nehemiah and Melinda to take on the last places, Ayanna and Teck, in the Lair). Still, withholding this personal development didn’t matter before the win-or-go-home showdown.

“We don’t have a shutdown,” TJ told the surprised competitors. Or, as Teck joked in a confessional, “We canceled, honey!”

And honey was right. TJ said there was still a team going home that night — and Casey was no longer able to participate. Melinda quickly asked, “Are you okay?” to which an emotional Casey replied, “I’m pregnant!”

Cohutta immediately joked: “It’s not mine”, but the… Real world: Sydney Alum knew that his fate was sealed in the game because his partner was disqualified. And this development had not escaped Casey’s attention.

“As happy as I am to be able to go home and see my fiancé, I also know that Cohutta really wanted to be here,” she looked back in tears. “He never made it to a final and we were so close.”

Cohutta, who has always been a class act competitor on the long-running series, eloquently said, “Some things in life are bigger than The challenge. He couldn’t be more right, even though it was obviously hard to leave the game at this stage. Meanwhile, Casey — who married Kyle earlier this month — will be a mother in a few months.

And this bundle of joy has a bunch of MTV cast members ready for future cuddles! Wonder if the peanut will inherit his/her mother’s fear of heights. Congratulate Casey and Kyle — and keep watching All stars when new episodes come out every Thursday, only on Paramount+.


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