Head & Shoulders Summer Scalp Care

Head & Shoulders Summer Scalp Care

scalp care

We all know to pay attention to our skin and hair in the summer to combat the wear and tear of steamy temperatures, sweat, and sun, but there’s one area that could use a little more TLC when the mercury rises: your scalp.

“Heat and humidity in the summer means that more oil and dirt become trapped on the scalp,” explains NYC-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD. “This creates an environment that allows yeast on the scalp to grow to higher than normal levels.” And that can trigger the immune system to go a bit haywire and lead to a whole mess of uncomfortable symptoms. The list, according to Dr. Zeichner, includes redness, itching, and flaking (also known as dandruff). And, well, no one wants any of that.

Your plan of attack: Pampering with skin-loving ingredients, adding dandruff busters to your shower routine, and using low-heat tools and gentle stylers that’ll keep your scalp—and the hair that grows out of it—healthier all season long. Below, shop our carefully curated list of five must-haves.

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2-in-1 Green Apple & Goji Berry

Head & Shoulders


This anti-dandruff 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner will fill your shower with the fresh, crisp scent of goji berries and green apple while it revives your scalp and refreshes your hair. The formula is not only free of parabens, phosphates, phthalates and dyes, it also cleanses and conditions while providing up to 100% dandruff protection*. You’ll definitely get addicted to the scent in the summer and end up wanting to use it for every wash. Luckily, it comes in a mega-big 40 oz. size (available at Costco for a limited time and in limited distribution—so hurry), meaning you won’t ever find yourself caught without it.

*visible flakes; with regular use


Complete Scalp Care with Almond Oil & Aloe Vera, 40 fl oz

Head & Shoulders products are hardworking, and the results speak for themselves. Complete Scalp Care with Almond Oil & Aloe Vera is a favorite because it’s free of parabens and combines its dandruff-fighting power (it’s clinically proven to provide up to 100% dandruff protection*) with a lightweight conditioner to keep your hair feeling hydrated. P.S. It’s also available to buy in a 40 oz. bottle at Costco for those who like to super-size their summer essentials.

*visible flakes; with regular use


Slip Pure Silk 3-Pack Skinny Hair Ties

Getting your hair off your shoulders during a summer workout is a non-negotiable, but elastics can pull, snag, and cause breakage. These are ultra-gentle, so they won’t add tension to your hair or scalp.


Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

The ultimate multitasker for a happy scalp, this wide-tooth scalp-massaging brush helps exfoliate away product build-up, increase blood flow, and release tension in your head all at the same time.


Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

Ultra-hot dryers can fry delicate strands and irritate tender heads, but this one dries effectively at a lower, more controlled temperature. And it’s faster too, which is key because who wants to sweat through a long drying session in the heat of the summer?

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