GOP Representatives Want Marine Who Criticized Afghan Withdrawal From Prison

GOP Representatives Want Marine Who Criticized Afghan Withdrawal From Prison

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and 26 of his Republican House colleagues have written a letter to the US Marine Corps Commander General David H. Berger, who asks that Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller be released from police custody.

Scheller, who rose to fame for a series of viral videos blaming the military leadership for the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan, has been jailed for the incidents.

Notable signatories to the letter include Representatives Madison Cawthorn (R-SC), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

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What the letter says

In the letter to General Berger, Gohmert and his colleague GOP House members outline the court martial rule, stating that Scheller’s commander must give a valid reason for detaining him – reasons why they believe that Scheller is out on bail or involved in serious crimes.

The signatories state that Scheller’s prison sentence is political:

In fact, this incarceration only for messages, retaliation and convenience appears to be in blatant violation of RCM 305(h)(2)(B) “a person should not be incarcerated as a mere matter of convenience.” In addition, RCM 305(h)(2)(B) also states that LTC Scheller should be classified in the “less severe forms of restraint”. For the reasons above, we recommend that you use your considerable authority to correct this misapplication of the law and immediately remove LTC Scheller from its incarceration.

House members cite Scheller’s exemplary track record of more than 15 years, and their belief that there is no evidence that he “poses a serious risk of criminal misconduct.”

There is also an interesting note that the offices of several members of Congress attempted to email administration counsel Troy Campbell, but received no response.

The letter concludes, “It is imperative that members of Congress be given the opportunity to perform their oversight duties related to military justice.”

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Who is Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller?

Last month, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller posted a video that went viral, criticizing military leaders for the bungled withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. In the video, he also demanded some responsibility from those leaders for the withdrawal chaos that led to 13 US servicemen being killed in a terrorist attack.

After posting the video, he was relieved of his command. Scheller continued to post videos, one in which he stated he was banned from speaking on social media.

He is currently being held in the Regional Brig for Marine Corps Installations East at Camp Lejeune.

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Scheller’s parents fight for their son

Scheller’s parents, Cathy and Stuart Sr., conducted several interviews to publicize their son’s case.

Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” the Schellers host Laura Ingraham told the younger Scheller that the younger Scheller is being unfairly held in solitary confinement indefinitely.

Scheller’s father also told Ingraham,

“Our son called for responsibility. At today’s hearing, I do not feel that they have accepted responsibility. I am hugely disappointed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have imposed a gag order [Stuart Jr.] and they put him in jail the day before they were due to appear before senators – and tomorrow before congressmen. I think that’s a cowardly act.”

Scheller Sr. agreed that his son had broken the chain of command by continuing to speak out, but also said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gens. Milley and McKenzie Jr. have “broken the chain of trust of the American people. They should be downgraded and for that they should resign. Today’s hearing showed that they don’t want to take responsibility for the mistakes they made. They wanted to blame everyone. ”

He added: “You and I both know Joe Biden won’t fire them.”

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