Gmail sends Roger Stone’s donation request directly to your junk mail folder

Gmail sends Roger Stone’s donation request directly to your junk mail folder

An email from Roger Stone asking for help with new charges against him was sent directly to the junk mail in the Gmail account.

Roger Stone sent an email to my Gmail account, but the email was automatically classified as spam and sent to my junk mail folder. What is happening?

We’ve had a number of emails with Roger Stone over the past few years during his persecution from the Deep State. We have done everything we can to share his story and support him as much as possible. Today Stone sent an email thanking supporters for their help and for additional help due to new prosecutions against himself. Here’s his email sent straight to my trash email folder:

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Dear Joe,

From the moment President Donald Trump acknowledged that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his crooks had targeted me for prosecution for completely fabricated charges of lying to Congress and when I refused to be pressured to testify falsely against President Trump, I submitted me on a legal railroad in a DC Trial, my wife and I have been attacked in over SIXTEEN totally baseless, baseless, baseless but completely sensational civil lawsuits filed by crackpots, disaffected leftists and hysterical Democrats.

While there is no evidence whatsoever to support these defamatory but baseless lawsuits, the real purpose of these civil lawsuits is to continue to financially destroy my family and drag my name through the mire again, as the dismissals of the lawsuits never have the same effect. coverage of fake news as the announcement of the filing of the lawsuits that are constantly reported as if they are legit and fact based!

So far, thanks to the many patriots who have contributed to the Stone Defense Fund, I have been fired in Eleven cases, but FIVE more bogus cases are being taken to court.

It’s bad enough that my wife and I lost everything, including our house, our savings, our insurance, and—for two years—my ability to make a living. The cost of being censored, deplatformed, and demonetized on the internet has made it extremely difficult to get back on your feet financially. The huge legal costs of defending ourselves are designed to bankrupt us and destroy us.

I have no choice but to mount a legal defense in each of the remaining cases, most notably the completely fake lawsuit against me by the IRS and the Biden Department of Justice in which they falsely claim I either have hidden assets or a have understated income from them. Fortunately, this ends up in Miami before a judge not appointed by Barack Obama. The charges are so completely inaccurate that my attorneys will demand formal sanctions and suspension for the dishonest federal prosecutors who filed the lawsuit.

Last week, a George Soros-funded left-wing front group, “The Lawyers for Civil Rights Under Law,” filed a completely unfounded lawsuit against President Trump and me, falsely blaming us for the January 6 disruption at the US Capitol. USA, which looks more and more like an FBI set up every day. Needless to say, this latest defamatory lawsuit is also baseless!

While these lawsuits are unfounded, if I don’t make a legal defense, the court will issue a default judgment against my wife and me. Therefore, I have no choice but to approach you again for a contribution to the Stone Defense Fund. I will never give up the fight, but I can’t afford the lawyers I need without your help.

The fact that my wife is battling stage 4 cancer and that our finances are already tight due to the cost of all the natural, holistic and homeopathic cancer therapies that are sure to help her has not deterred the salivating leftists who are still apoplectic about the fact that President Trump had the courage to save my life.

Consider contributing to the Stone Defense Fund today. I have no intention of settling any of these lawsuits because I will never admit that I did something I am completely innocent of. Only with your help can I defeat these corrupt Democrats and their never-ending slander and legal harassment.

God bless you,


PS – If you are not comfortable using your credit card to make a donation online, you can pay your check to STONE DEFENSE FUND and mail it to us at 1007 North Federal Highway, Box 405, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304. Thank you.

Let’s hope this attempt to bury Roger Stone’s email requesting support for his lawsuits isn’t initiated by Big Tech giant Google. That would be a new low.

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