Gemini Weekly Horoscope


If you haven’t updated your to-do lists in a while, get ready to get busy. On Wednesday, October 23 the energizing Sun exits stage left from your party-hound fifth house and relocates to laser-focused Scorpio and your sixth house of work and service, organization and healthy routines. Prepare to shift from “puttering around in first gear” to hyperdrive. Once you decide to get serious about something, there’s no stopping you, and TBH, if things have gotten a little chaotic around the Gemini crash pad, you’ll appreciate this opportunity to restore order in your own court. It might take a few days to catch your breath and stabilize after the month you just had, so ease into this slower pace. At home and work, prioritize the things that need to be addressed first. Clear out any clutter that’s (literally or metaphorically) blocking your sight lines, and give your tech life a review. Would you benefit from a new device or updated software? Get a sense of the big picture—of everything you’d like to tackle before, say, Thanksgiving—and then map out a timeline, breaking the grander goals into smaller chunks to keep it realistic. Once you’re officially in industrious, “get-‘er-done” mode, you’ll be operating at peak efficiency, meaning you’ll have ample time for socializing (and romancing). Plus, with all this motivated energy coursing through your veins, you won’t need prodding to hit the gym or yoga studio—or to replace the empty-calorie junk food with nutritional fare from the farmer’s market.

Eager as you might be to hit the gas, watch your speed this weekend. On Sunday, Saturn waves a cautionary yellow flag at action planet Mars, both of which are in your most passionate and “ready-to-roll” houses. Part of you may have strong feelings toward someone, but they’re not returning your calls—or feelings. Or perhaps another person is way into you but you’re just not feeling it. Bottom line: You’re out of sync. But that’s no cause for concern. This is a one-day square, and by the time the workweek rolls around, things will be flowing again. Couples should resist any urge to complain or withhold affection. Dial up the compassion—remembering this is someone you deeply care about—and stay out of their field for one more day.

Later on Sunday, the year’s only new moon in Scorpio throws a few more logs on your sixth-house bonfire of healthy motivation. This lunation opens up a six-month chapter for making positive changes and sticking to them. The sweetest part of all is that you may alter your relationship to your body and start to see eating and movement NOT as punishment or rewards but as the way you tend to your temple, much like a sacred caretaker. This is your permission slip to stop obsessing over gluten and just stay deeply connected to your soul’s “dressing.” And since the sixth house is also your zone of routines and service, think about the kind of work you’d love to do, whether for pay or on a volunteer basis. Reach out to companies and organizations you admire, and if it’s a new gig you desire, get the word out—as discreetly as necessary.

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