Fox host tells Mike Pence everybody loves him: 'Even Democrats love you.' Democrats respond

Fox host tells Mike Pence everybody loves him: 'Even Democrats love you.' Democrats respond

On Wednesday, former Vice President Mike Pence appeared on the Fox News’ show Outnumbered. This was shocking to many since Pence is famously so pious he would never spend so much time in a small space without his wife. Outnumbered is sort of Fox News’ answer to ABC’s The View. In fact, former The View host Meghan McCain hosted the show for a while. But in Fox News’ case, all of the people are truly unimpressive and there isn’t a table. One common thread for all Fox News’ programming is the hermetically sealed state of delusion everyone appearing on the network is living under.

Pence and the crew of Fox News hosts talked about how Elon Musk is trying to save democracy by saving free speech by silencing any and all people he disagrees with on Twitter. That’s me paraphrasing about 10 minutes of “interview” programming. At one point, fill-in host Ainsley Earnhardt—best known for being the new person in between Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends—began a question by saying this: “I want to ask you a question about your faith, because we share the same faith. But how do you know that that is God calling you?” For a person of “faith” the answer is sort of in the descriptor, right? So it isn’t really a question.

This was after they had talked about Elon Musk saving America and had moved on to creating a puff piece of mythology around the former insurgency target in the hopes of getting Pence to announce his plans on running and subsequently losing early in the primary season of 2024.

Hold onto some dramamine, the next part was a doozy.

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Earnhardt continued, “Everywhere you go, people love you. Even Democrats love you.” [This is me with my eye-twitching]. I mean, we don’t. Forget about “Democrats,” most people don’t love Mike Pence. 

And that includes Republicans.

— ⚖️THEE Powerful Mel Ankoly 🇺🇦 #ForThePeople (@Mel_Ankoly) November 30, 2022

”Because you’re just a nice wholesome, good person,” Excuse me? Oh, she isn’t fini—“who does the right thing, and you’re honest.” Amazing.

— Teddy Wilson (@reportbywilson) November 30, 2022

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Mike Pence, always doing the right thing, like going to a private school opening in the middle of a pandemic ward not wearing a mask while the rest of the class and teachers wear one. And here’s an earlier Pence telling the world that Disney created the film Mulan as a ploy to get women into the military.

Do we have a consensus on how much Democrats love Pence? We do? Great.


— Brown Eyed Girl (@imaginetek) November 30, 2022

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