Four Visiting Ultra Taiwan DJs Fined For Breaking Quarantine

Four Visiting Ultra Taiwan DJs Fined For Breaking Quarantine

Though large scale shows in the US are still banned, for lack of a better word, other countries like Taiwan and Australia have begun having full-on festivals, albeit with very strict rules. As travelers move between territories in Australia or visit Taiwan, they must adhere to strict quarantine rules, including staying in a room by themselves for 14 days after arriving.

According to local Taiwan news, four visiting DJs who arrived in Taiwan on Oct. 28, and were to quarantine for 14 days until Nov. 12, to play Road to Ultra this past weekend were fined after it was discovered they violated their quarantine by meeting “in a common area to eat and rehearse for the show.”

The fine was NT$10,000 — which only came out to US$351 — but showed intentional disregard for the country’s strict regulations.

While CECC spokesman Chuang Jen-hsiang and Yu Tsang-hua, head of the disease control section of the Taipei Department of Health, did not name the visitors who broke quarantine, the event’s official website lists only four DJs — Kayzo, Vini Vici, Slander, and Alesso — who it said were invited to Taiwan to perform at the concert.

via Taiwan News

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