FIGURE & Lizzy Jane Unleash Powerful Collab “Take Control” [PREMIERE]

FIGURE & Lizzy Jane Unleash Powerful Collab “Take Control” [PREMIERE]

The bass infused worlds of FIGURE and Lizzy Jane collide in their powerful new collaboration together, “Take Control” — a hotly-anticipated ID that first premiered at Lost Lands in 2021.

FIGURE’s immaculate sound design matched with Lizzy Jane’s vocal prowess make for a memorable pairing that’s both soul-grabbing and chill-inducing from the very start. “Take Control” truly does just that, as we find ourselves so deeply invested within mere seconds.

The track opens up with lush, hymn-like pads that soon melt into heartfelt, yet haunting lyrics before the track picks up momentum and drops into a stimulating run of metallic hits. With varying forces at play, it’s ear pleasing to hear how they all come together so seamlessly.

“Take Control” dips into another theatrical moment before coming back for round two. There are times when FIGURE’s relentless, thrashing drops seem to battle Lizzy’s knockout vocals head on. For this reason, the arrangement keeps us engaged until the very end.

FIGURE reveals how the collab came to be:

I met Lizzy at my first show back from the Covid shutdown. Some friends and I were in the green room listening to her set and she started singing one of her tracks. Right away put “hit Lizzy Jane up for collab” in my notes. Fast forward a couple months later .. I saw the note and immediately went to my studio to start on a track that had big musical elements but also a drop that would fit in our sets. Sent her the session , she sent it back very soon after.. and BAM! This one came together very naturally. I hope you all enjoy the track!

Lizzy Jane shares her perspective on the release:

It was such a full circle moment to have the opportunity to work with an absolute legend who has paved the way for so many producers today. This song came together so naturally. As I definitely have a unique voice, we pulled from all different types of music for inspiration on this one and it all blended together so well. The cinematic elements and crazy sound design paired with my vocals fully brought this haunting song to life. I can’t wait to play this one during festival season this year! 

We’re honored to premiere “Take Control” ahead of its release tomorrow (May 24th).

Listen here and link up with both artists below!

FIGURE & Lizzy Jane – Take Control [PREMIERE]


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