Eric Greitens: Biden can’t stand the truth about January 6th

Eric Greitens: Biden can’t stand the truth about January 6th

Guest Post by Former Governor and US Senate Candidate from Missouri Eric Greitens

Originally posted at The War Room

President Abraham Lincoln once said, “I firmly believe in the people. When they get the truth, they can rely on it to face any national crisis. The important thing is to bring them the real facts.”

Less than a year since being sworn in, Joe Biden ruled our nation crisis after crisis. By any one wise measure, Joe Biden’s administration is a complete and utter failure.

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President Trump sought peace through strong foreign policy. Historic Peace Accords followed. Joe Biden has pursued a policy of weakness and apology leading to the disaster in Afghanistan, those 13 . killed service members, including marine cpl. Jared Schmitz from my home state of Missouri. China now fly regularlyie nuclear-capable aircraft through Taiwan’s airspace. The Russians have signed a military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia.

President Trump sought a safe border. Since Joe Biden took office, the southern border of our country is now fully open, and has become an international transit point for drug traffickers and people smugglers. I was at the border, in Mexico, where thousands… by people by throw around the world their IDs by the river before they walk in? America.

With Biden in office, vIols crime has skyrocketed in virtually every major city in America. Americans are being murdered, families are being torn apart by the violence, businesses are being vandalized and looted, and the left — which the police story pushed for the funds — is wondering why.

ONot long ago, when President Trump was in office, America was the world’s largest energy producer. Today, Joe Biden begs OPEC to increase oil production. Iwave of inflations, and energy costs have gone through the roof.

Joe Biden might not be able to run a local supermarket, but his left-wing government believes it can and should manage every aspect of your life – covering the faces of your children and grandchildren with masks, closing businesses and churches. They push critical race theory into schools. They censor people for asking questions. They attack everyone—parents, police officers, doctors–which does not follow the left line.

In an unholy alliance, the self-degrading mainstream media and the weak, awakened RINOs have gone to great lengths to provide Joe Biden with cover and concealment from the real facts—through omission, commission, and blatant lies. Sometimes, as with Biden’s Green New Deal infrastructure policies, RINOs have helped advance the crazy agenda of the left.

As January 6 approaches, it is important for Americans to know all the facts. and Cgiven the incredible lengths of the corrupt media, the radical left and the weak Republican establishment have went in their efforts to bring down the America First movement, we have to ask: why wouldn’t they lie about January 6th?

As we now know, the joint crusade against Donald Trump began long before he was ever president. Barack Obama, Susan Rice and other corrupt subordinates triggered the now exposed hoax of Russia Collusion, purchasedand paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

For three years, this complete concoction was promoted by Democrats and anti-Trump RINOs.

Then, they distorted President Trump’s phone call to Ukraine while ignoring Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings. They censored Hunter’s stories laptop, and made up a completely made up story that information about the Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

They lied about Brett Kavanaugh. They lied about the origin of the coronavirus.

But come 2020–despite four years of infernal media attention and backstabbing by idle RINOsit was clear that President Trump and the MAGA movementthere still standing powerful.

Nothing had worked, so the Democrats quietly started their… fail safe plan: jeopardize the 2020 elections. The Constitution empowers state legislators to determine the time, place and manner of elections. yet sowing states began to change their election unconstitutionally procedures. Republican pollsters were denied access to vote counting. Hundreds of affidavits were signed by citizens who witnessed wrongdoing. Just this week, a whistleblower admitted that he illegally harvested votes in Georgia.

America watched and Americans wanted answer. on January 6, 2021 and in the days that followed–Democrats and Established RINOs Shared Their Finals Map in their attempt to install Joe Biden as commander in chief, with their drive-by impeachment of President Trump.

on January 6, 2021 and for the next several weeks I was on television every night to expose the lies told about that day. On my show, investigative reporter John Solomon and I discussed bomb after bomb.

OOnly one person was killed in the United States Capitol that day: an unarmed Trump supporter.

in StalinIst fashion, Joe Biden’s administration later looted the houses of countless citizens who peaceful entered the Capitol that day, while she played turn a blind eye to the political violence from the summer of 2020.

The Shameful Committee of January 6 With People Like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney has become an instrument of political retaliation against those associated with President Trump, past and present. They use the commission to attack the president’s allies – Steve Bannon, Bernie Kerik, Mark Meadows, and others.

Yeset she refuse to investigate important questions, such as what did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know? Why did Pelosi reject? offers for thousands of National Guard soldiers to help with security? Why does the government keep hiding 14,000 hours of video shot inside and outside the main building? that day? What relationship did men like Ray Epps — who urged people to go to the capital — have with the FBI, and why hasn’t Mr. Epps been charged?

When I am in the US Senate, we will conduct a full and courageous inquiry into all the facts regarding January 6.e. Like President Lincoln, I believe in the people. And, unlike the RINOs who refuse to ask the questions and the mainstream media who refuse to investigate the truth, I believe the people are entitled to all the facts.

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