Encanto Fan Reactions

Encanto Fan Reactions

Your new favorite Disney soundtrack is here.

If you’re an avid Disney fan, chances are you’ve already had Encanto on your watchlist for sometime.

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The movie hit theaters over Thanksgiving weekend, and quickly stole fans’ hearts with the vibrant animation and stellar soundtrack. Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo and Wilder Valderrama are just a few of the voice talents bringing these magical characters to life.

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

In honor of all things Encanto, we’ve rounded up the most heartwarming tweets about the movie so far. Take a look:


#Encanto is phenomenal and wonderful and joyous and Mirabel is one of the best Disney protagonists ever. Loved every second of my time with the Family Madrigal and can’t wait to watch it again in the future. 🎉🎉🎉

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @RichardAKish


omg, #Encanto was BEAUTIFUL 😍 it made me so emotional 😭❤️ and it was amazing to see latin american culture represented in such a beautiful way. i loved the characters+songs (i cried so much with the Dos Oruguitas scene). and the animation is spectacular. Y’ALL HAVE TO WATCH IT!

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @leatherface66


can’t stop thinking about luisa’s musical number “surface pressure” from #Encanto 😭 that song and character mean so much to me omg 😭

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @streeeeep


Also: go see #Encanto , it’s such a fun and heartfelt movie about life with a big family & accepting yourself for who you are and I loved it. Also: Luisa is who I aspire to be.

Twitter: @truestorydesu


Just saw #Encanto and it was magical, musical and another great @Disney family film. You’ll laugh, sing and maybe even shed a tear because I know I did. Watch it now.

Twitter: @Michztear


If you have ever felt not good enough no matter how hard you try, or if you’ve ever felt different, #Encanto will speak to you. I was crying within the first few minutes, and I intend to see it again and again. Bravo to all involved.

Twitter: @KatePrinceTHP


#Encanto is a beautiful love letter to family & the places we call home with gorgeous animation, lovely characters & a creative world. It’s got such a strong emotional core & a heartwarming message about acceptance that moved me to tears by the end. Disney’s best movie in years

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @ConnorMovies


#Encanto is the Disney movie I’ve waited my whole life to see. A gorgeous love letter to Colombian culture (my culture) that fuels a beautiful story about family with wonderful characters and lovely music. I have no words to describe the joy I felt watching it. 💛💙❤️

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @sebbyskywalker


I think Encanto has to be Disney’s most BEAUTIFUL movie to date, I was IN LOVE with the imagery, the music was SO GOOD & the Characters! I couldn’t choose a favorite! I sincerely loved this movie (also cried at the last song idc) 😩😭🥺🌸🌺 @EncantoMovie #Encanto

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @Kingdakha92


Disney’s #Encanto is an instant Disney Classic with glorious visuals, incredible characters, and enchanting music by @Lin_Manuel. A MUST see in theatres and we can’t wait to watch it again! 🦋🕯✨

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @SpillinDistea

Have you watched Encanto? Share your review in the comments!

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