Did Joe Biden just have the worst first year for a president in modern history?

Did Joe Biden just have the worst first year for a president in modern history?

The first year of Joe Biden’s presidency was an absolute bomb, perhaps the worst in living memory.

The economy is still faltering, inflation is terrible and still rising, the exit from Afghanistan was a disaster and COVID is still raging.

Plus, every time he opens his mouth, Biden sounds like a raging idiot.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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Biden at 11 months: ‘One of the worst years ever’

All hope in President Joe Biden’s 21-minute inaugural address, promising “unity, unity,” not only evaporated in his first 11 months, but left people feeling that 2021 was “one of the worst years ever,” according to the latest investigation from Rasmussen Reports.

In the poll viewed by Secrets, likely voters said they not only believe the year was a failure, but a majority think 2022 will be bad too.

“If there’s one bright spot in the grim public assessment of 2021, at least it was better than 2020, which Americans rated the worst year in more than a decade of surveying,” Rasmussen said in a not-so-uplifting analysis.

The numbers:

– 74% said 2021 was a fair to bad year, and most, 48%, called it a bad year.
– Only 23% called it a good to best year ever, while only 2% called it “one of the best years”.
– 63% of Democrats agreed it was fair to bad.
– 50% expect 2022 to be fair to bad, and 41% think it will be good for the best.

An analyst at FOX News had a similar view:

Marc Thiessen: No US president has ‘fallen out of favor’ in 2021 as quickly as Joe Biden

MARC THIESSEN: “His first act as president was to pass $1.9 trillion, trillion with a T, to COVID relief. Here we are 10 months later and we have no tests and there are lines around the corner for PCR tests, you can’t get home tests and no treatments. Where was the Operation Warp Speed ​​for treatments? Why don’t we have a surplus of all those different treatments?

Of course, his polls will decline on that. His poll numbers are underwater on every topic. No president in my life or probably American history has fallen out of favor so far as quickly as Joe Biden. He started with a 56% approval rating. Today he is 10 points underwater, a slide of 30 points in one year. No other president has fallen so quickly.”

Just imagine what Biden’s presidency will look like in a year from now.

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