Dash Berlin Reveal New Frontman Following Four-Year Legal Battle – EDM.com

Dash Berlin Reveal New Frontman Following Four-Year Legal Battle – EDM.com

Legendary dance music outfit Dash Berlin are officially returning with a new frontman. 

Former frontman Jeffrey Sutorius left the group back in 2018 after a highly publicized split with his Dash Berlin bandmates, Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg. All parties reportedly made amends shortly after, but Sutorius ultimately departed for good after losing a trademark dispute in 2021. Sutorius, who now performs as a solo artist, had alleged that Molijn and Kalberg registered the Dash Berlin trademark behind his back and revoked his access to the group’s social media accounts, leading to a “negative influence on [his] health.”

But with the dust beginning to settle, Dash Berlin are now pressing forward with their new frontman, Ryan Fieret of Dutch DJ duo Syzz. Fieret’s involvement was revealed in the group’s new music video for their single “Oceans.”

In an email sent to EDM.com from a member of Dash Berlin’s management, Fieret stated that he’s been a longtime fan of the group and grew up listening to their music.

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“It’s a huge honor for me to represent the music of these legendary producers,” Fieret said. “I grew up with their music with all-time classic tracks such as ‘Better Off Alone’ even long before they created their Dash Berlin project. I’m super excited to start the tour and meet the fans. We’re ready to bring all the classic tracks back, plus all the emotional new music that we have in store for the clubs and the festivals.”

Dash Berlin’s new frontman, Ryan Fieret.

Dash Berlin have received an overwhelming response from fans, according to Molijn, who said their energy kept the group motivated to continue producing and releasing new music. And despite the turmoil over the past few years, he’s ready to begin the next chapter of the iconic trance project.

“We are officially back and the response from the people is truly overwhelming,” Molijn said. “This new beginning is an ode to the fans that kept us going as producers, asking for more new music all this time. It has been a turbulent four years for us, but staying positive and beating the case, bringing our brand back home and finding a talented new frontman has opened up a whole new musical horizon for our project.”


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