Cruel Summer Sneak Peek Teases Jeanette and Mallory’s Rift

Cruel Summer Sneak Peek Teases Jeanette and Mallory’s Rift

Is this the beginning of the end for Jeannette and Mallory’s friendship?

In this exclusive clip from the June 1 episode of Cruel Summer, Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia) finds herself clashing with BFF Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith) over the former’s fixation with Kate Wallis’ scrunchie. As fans of the show well know, Jeanette took custody of the hairpiece from Martin Harris (Blake Lee) and promised to give it back to Kate (Olivia Holt).

Clearly, she’s yet to do that as Mallory has totally called her gal pal out on her obsession. Furthermore, the clip indicates that this is the start of Jeanette’s transformation into a popular girl. How? By ditching her braces, of course.

“Welcome Jeanette Turner to life without braces,” Jeanette’s other best friend Vince Fuller (Allius Barnes) comments.

Refusing to get in on the celebratory mood, Mallory asks, “Are you seriously still carrying around Kate’s scrunchie?”

A defensive Jeanette then claims she’s only still wearing it to remember to give it back to Kate. Of course, Mallory isn’t quick to believe this statement.

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