Covid vaccines are this year’s Thanksgiving conflict

Covid vaccines are this year’s Thanksgiving conflict

When people are debating party political issues, Dr. Callaghan, will each side give the reasons why it is right. “We have very clear evidence as to why we need to get Americans vaccinated against Covid-19,” he said. “In politics, on the other hand, there are two sides and both sides can be heard. The big difference, however, is that your decision to vaccinate has a huge impact not just on you, but on society as a whole. “

Christine Natalie, 35, of Bennington County, Vt., Says attending a large Thanksgiving gathering is still too risky because she has undergone immunomodulation therapy that would make them more vulnerable if they contract the virus would. Instead, she goes to a smaller family celebration where all adults are vaccinated. Children too young to have a vaccine will also participate; the presence of an unvaccinated adult could put them at risk.

“My relatives are more concerned about passing it on to me,” said Ms. Natalie. “I feel different about people who haven’t taken the steps to protect others. It shows a lot about their character. “

Credit…Courtesy Billie Jean Van Knight

Billie Jean Van Knight, 43, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, does not leave unvaccinated people in her St. Paul, Minnesota home and minimizes their trips outside. But now that she has her booster, she feels freer. She will spend the holidays with her husband’s aunt and uncle, where they are all vaccinated.

“I wish people would just be kinder to each other and think about each other a little more,” she said. “It’s not about your freedoms. It’s about other people’s too. “

When someone is about to start a Thanksgiving discussion about the importance of vaccination, the important thing to remember is not to change their mind during a conversation, said Melody Butler, 35, a nurse from Lindenhurst, NY and the executive director of Nurses Who vaccinate. People should be willing to make themselves available to answer questions or continue talking.

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