Connect! unite! act! We need to be serious about the love of food on Daily Kos

Connect!  unite!  act!  We need to be serious about the love of food on Daily Kos

Do you know how often recipes appear here on Daily Kos? Outside of groups like What’s for Dinner – which is worth following – we have several groups that post recipes in the comments that reflect the general tone of the group. Street prophets? Oh yeah. Recipes appear. This week is a great opportunity to check out a tool here on Daily Kos that you might be missing: how to use the tags to find exactly the story you’re looking for.

When I find a journal that matches what I’m looking for, on the left I see a list of the “tags” included in that journal.

All of these tags tell you something about the journal you are currently reading, but they also provide you with a gateway to other stories here at Daily Kos that reflect your end goal. You may be looking at community stories – which can be very broad. Maybe you just see this as a recipe that ties into the subject of teaching, which is the subject you want to learn more about.

Food can open doors for you, not just about food, but about food insecurity and issues facing people across the country when it comes to providing for their families.

Cooking and recipes, which I search here, help me quickly and easily find any journal on the site that contains information about cooking, recipes Daily Kos members use and why they enjoy them.

I’ve found diaries of low carb keto/diabetes friendly recipes, vegetarian recipes, the humor and complexity of cooking an egg properly, how to stretch your money and get hearty meals at the same time.

I’ve laughed and learned more about cooking here than most places, and I say this as someone who’s glued to Top Chef forever and can tell you all about the Great British Baking Show and why Uncle Rogers criticizes the way they dealing with Asian people food was totally correct (sorry Paul!). No, I probably won’t become a star baker anytime soon, but thanks to the Daily Kos community, I know I’m getting a little better every year. And above all, I continue to enjoy every moment I cook for my loved ones.

I could spend my weekend clicking the ‘recipes’ tag, but I know members can also use our tags to review critical issues of the day here at Daily Kos. Once you’ve found one article on a topic, try a tag to see if someone else has written about it, or if there are other issues that will help you learn more and leave more informed.

Okay, I’m going to try a weird three-way slow cooker and see if I can come up with some sort of mixed cheese dip.

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