Close to Monday Weave Synthwave and Rock Through New Album, "Secret Wishes"

Close to Monday Weave Synthwave and Rock Through New Album, "Secret Wishes"

The electronic-rock band’s latest album might be their most impressive yet.

Channeling pure emotion under an umbrella of electronic sub-genres, Close to Monday are an impressive musical outfit.

Comprising Alexander and ANY, the band landed back in 2019 with their debut album, Perfect Music to Watch Colour Dreams, and have stayed quite active since. Following a string of exciting singles, Close to Monday have now dropped their second studio album, Secret Wishes.

With lyrical content that leaves a lot up for interpretation, Secret Wishes is a journey through the trailblazing duo’s collective mind. And they’re at their very best.

Boasting an expansive sound palette, Secret Wishes is filled with lush synthwave sound design, which the band embellishes with alternative rock stylings that are heavy as they are spellbinding. The album’s titular track kicks off with vintage synths and slow-burning rhythms, while “Conversation” pulls us deeper into the rabbit hole with its thumping drum hits.

“Kripko Spi” finds Close to Monday exploring their techno sensibilities in a moving way, while tracks such as “Beautiful Pain” and “Blue-Eyed Boy” are intoxicating dance-pop anthems. “Wings of Solitude” makes for a soothing ballad before a Russian version of “Secret Wishes” and “Mad About You” wrap up the project with a bang.

Take a listen to Secret Wishes below. 

Close to Monday’s first album, Interference, was released back in 2021 and stayed on the German Alternative Charts for eight weeks, almost breaking into the Top 10. According to a press release, the band is heavily inspired by iconic electronic music outfit Depeche Mode.

“I grew up on Depeche Mode’s music,” explains Alexander of Close to Monday. “I lived, loved, laughed, and cried – no matter what was happening in my life, DM were always there. I would not want us to be like Depeche Mode, but I want our music to become a story about people and for people the way DM do.”




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