Climate Change Progressives Protesting Against Biden Admin At The White House

Climate Change Progressives Protesting Against Biden Admin At The White House

One of Joe Biden’s most ardent coalition of supporters, climate change progressives, are becoming disheartened by what they view as the Biden administration’s misguided prioritization.

So much so, they’re protesting outside the White House today.

The coalition of climate change activists called The Sunrise Movement, mainly targeted at young people, want to sway President Joe Biden to reassess working with Republicans on his pending infrastructure package.

According to a report from The Hill, the protest is expected to be attended by some who are said to be “willing to risk arrest.”

The Organizers of Friday’s protest are already planning another for later in the month. 

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The Biden Administration’s Climate Change Actions Thus Far

Back in April, Biden set a goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the end of the decade. The Biden administration has also acted quickly on transitioning government vehicles to an all-electric fleet.

One of the biggest moves toward keeping the environmentalist base happy was for President Joe Biden on day one to immediately cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project, and also enacted a moratorium on any oil and gas activities in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

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Who Is The Sunrise Movement And What Do They Want?

So far this mainly millennial-driven coalition headed up by executive director Varshini Prakash says they have had a fairly open door policy with the Biden administration. They have been able to develop good relationships with top Biden officials. 

A report from Politico on the Biden administration’s “green” hires and appointments reads like a who’s who of climate devotees.

Many from the Obama administration, some Democrat former lawmakers, former Democrat governors, and even some like Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, former presidential primary opponents.

But apparently, negotiating with Republicans – who represent roughly half of the country – is unacceptably slowing things down in terms of enacting climate legislation, and they are becoming a bit frustrated.

The Hill report continues, saying that the group is eager to get on board with things like the New Green Deal, and one of the things they are most excited about is the proposal of a “fully funded” Civilian Climate Corps.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have proposed bills for such an organization.

On its website, Sunrise says it would like Joe Biden to pass the Civilian Climate Corps as part of the American Jobs Plan by the end of the summer. The goal is to create millions of green jobs.

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Climate Activists Becoming Irritated With Lack Of Attention By Biden Administration

Varshini Prakash says that she was invited to work with the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force to help Joe Biden put together climate policy and now seems disillusioned by Biden’s promises of working together in the future.

“Biden moved towards us, promising us a future, and in exchange, we worked tirelessly to get him elected. We held up our side of the deal, but now that Biden is in power, that promise of co-governance with progressives and young people has disappeared.” 

Prakash added that she believes that continuing negotiations with Republicans “sends the wrong message.”

“He’s spent more of his time meeting with a Republican Party who to this day contests he is the democratically elected president,” she said.

The Sunrise Movement plans another White House protest on June 28. 


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