Christiane Amanpour tells the audience that she has cancer

Christiane Amanpour tells the audience that she has cancer

Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s international chief spokeswoman, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she told viewers on Monday.

Ms. Amanpour, who had been off the air for four weeks due to her illness, shared the news at the start of her nightly interview program for CNN International, based in her hometown of London.

“I had a successful major surgery to remove it and am now undergoing several months of chemotherapy for the best long-term prognosis possible and I’m confident,” she said.

Ms. Amanpour, 63, said she shared the news because she wanted to be transparent, but mainly to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis. She urged the women to “educate themselves about the disease, do all regular checkups and scans, always listen to your body and of course make sure that your legitimate medical concerns are not alluded to or alleviated”.

She said she felt “lucky to have health insurance through work and incredible doctors treating me in a country naturally backed by the brilliant NHS,” referring to the UK’s National Health Service.

Ms. Amanpour, a veteran war correspondent, has interviewed numerous global leaders and reported on conflicts around the world. Apart from a brief stint at ABC, she spent her entire career at CNN, which she joined in 1983. In addition to her CNN International show, which she has hosted since 2012, she also has an evening program on PBS.

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