Chance the Rapper on ‘SNL’: Chicago MC Gets Electrified in ‘Spooky’ Halloween Song Billboard

Chance the Rapper‘s Oct. 26 hosting gig on Saturday Night Live took a comically strange turn during a spooky graveyard skit that found the artist singing about the unusual circumstances of his death.

The five-minute sketch begins with two teenagers visiting a graveyard in hopes of finding a private place to make out on Halloween night. But their plan is soon interrupted when four ghosts begin singing about how they died.

The first three apparitions have stories one might expect: A brave captain who falls off board and gets eaten by sharks; a debutante whose dress catches on fire by a candle; and a miner who explodes from dynamite. But when it’s time for Chance to share his tale, he implores his fellow ghosts to skip his story.

“My death was a real ‘had to be there’ situation” that “requires a lot of context,” the Chicago MC begins to sing before going into the very strange details of his fascination with electricity from a young age.

Watch the full skit below to find out how Chance’s spooky character ends up six feet under.

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