Challenge Redemption: Will Jonna and Jasmine avenge Derek’s elimination?

Challenge Redemption: Will Jonna and Jasmine avenge Derek’s elimination?

2009 Real world roommates Jonna and Jasmine stormed Cancun like Girls Gone Wild hopeful, but – 12 years later – the BFF’s return to Mexican paradise is starting to feel like Girls Gone to War. And now that the ladies are excited about the first Arena voting ceremony on The challenge: all stars, we must ask: Will they be able to exact revenge on those who wronged their third musketeer, Derek?

In the final episode of the spin-off’s second season, Jodi and Derrick—the game’s first winning pair—quickly traded the thrill of victory for the burden of nominating four players for the game’s first round of elimination. They consulted Nehemiah and Ayanna—who had already been sentenced to The Arena for finishing last in the first mission—but eventually went rogue, choosing Derek, Steve, Leah, and Casey as possible candidates.

Soon, the trial took its toll on Jodi, who—while bragging about the title of Challenge legend – admitted that 15 years after her she still hated the politics of the game duel to win.

“Sorry, I don’t like this part of this,” Jodi cried after she and Derrick revealed their choice. “I don’t want anyone in it… I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, ever. I’m honestly sick to my stomach.”

But hurt feelings spread to the Cancun cast as the voting ceremony of the remaining players began. The typically composed Jonna immediately confronted Nehemiah about his encounter with Derrick and Jodi, and when Nehemiah confirmed that Derek was one of his ideal picks for Lair opponent, the gloves went off.

“I’m so angry,” Jonna said. “There’s a way to upset me: It’s not going after me, it’s going after someone I really care about… Why did you say you wanted Derek?”

Nehemiah tried to explain that Derek was his second – not primary – choice as an opponent, but the defense didn’t sit well with Jasmine, who said she was tempted to play her part as rivals furniture demolition.

“Coming after Cancun is not what you want to do, Nehemiah,” she said. “You were there when I slammed that mirror over someone who came in my face. Now you come for my family. Now we have a very big f*cking problem. And I’m the wrong bitch.”

And Jonna and Jasmine quickly proved that they were indeed Derek’s family. After Derek revealed his sister committed suicide shortly before leaving for filming All stars, the ladies gathered around him, offering him support, hugs and eager ears until Derek was finally knocked out by Nehemiah in “Dead Weight”, which challenged players to solve a few puzzles before dropping heavy chests across the sands of the battlefield. dragged.

“Derek, I love you so much,” Jonna said through tears. “I’m so proud of you, and I know this is the hardest time of your life…I’m going to win for you.”

Now, Jonna, who was already determined to play smarter and more aggressively after finishing third on All stars Season 1 has an extra incentive to return the service and expel the players responsible for Derek’s elimination. And maybe she just can: let’s not forget that she and Jasmine won their very first Challenge mission as a couple on rivals and took out puzzle legend Sarah Rice on her way to a strong ending. Can lightning strike twice for them as teammates?

Guess what: Will Jonna and Jasmine have the firepower to hit Cancun with a groundbreaking hurricane? Find out on the following All stars, with new episodes streaming every Thursday only on Paramount+!


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