Centineo Drops Emotional Lyrics Video To Sensational Single “Believe Again” [Video]

Centineo Drops Emotional Lyrics Video To Sensational Single “Believe Again” [Video]

A top producer and globally recognized singer/songwriter, born in New Jersey and born in Florida Tim Centineo, aka Centineo, made a name for itself after a string of largely successful independent productions in 2016, followed by a massive Beatport hit, “To upload” in 2017. Dominates the main stages and airwaves, supporting world famous channels such as The Electric Field of Sirius XM & BPM/Diplo’s Revolution Radio, his uplifting and euphoric style caught the attention of industrial titans David GuettaHardwell, and many more culminating in the release of Centineo’s 2018 single, Other sideon Hardwell’s flagship label Revealed recordings.

Centineo is always pushing the boundaries of sound and creativity with every single, and its latest “Believe again” is no exception. He also released a captivating video accompanying the single that: delivers a gripping, meaningful adventure all created independently by him alone. It’s incredibly creative, with a montage of film clips of him at various times in his life, from a baby to now. The editing is spectacular and combined with the song, the video gives this magical Tomorrowland-esque feel.

Centineo does a really great job, check out the lyric video for “Believe again” below!


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