Cardi B Claps Back After Being Told She’s Going To Jail

Cardi B Claps Back After Being Told She’s Going To Jail

Cardi B is the queen of the clapback.

The rapper, who recently celebrated her 29th birthday, is set to appear in court next week after pleading not guilty to charges of reckless threat and assault following a 2018 brawl at a Queens strip club.

The Grammy winner is accused of orchestrating an attack on bartender sisters Rachel Wattley and Sarah Wattley. If convicted, she could face up to four years behind bars.

Ahead of Monday’s hearing, her detractors took to social media to antagonize the mother of two.

“You’re going to jail,” one person tweeted, forcing Cardi to clap back.

“Before I go to jail, see me break more records and make more madam,” she said.

Another Twitter user suggested she get the “best lawyers” because “Offset won’t be there for your kids.”

“My husband gets to be with his kids, so what’s your point?” she replied.

But Cardi warned the Twitter trolls that she doesn’t play when it comes to her family and she won’t tolerate the disrespect. “I’m chilling, I don’t know why people like to play with my kids,” she wrote.

She also retweeted one of her own posts that read, “No one ever notices when you’re being provoked, only when you’re taking revenge.”

As she takes on her haters, Cardi’s fans stand behind her and even sent a cake to her house with her favorite red-bottomed heels.

“This was so sweet,” she tweeted. THANK YOU BARDIGANG for my chocolate mousse cake 🍰!!! Wow! You guys really pay attention to the little things I like ️♥️How did you even know where to send it?”


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