Capitol Police Whistleblower Delivers Withering Rebuke To Two Of His Senior Leaders On Jan. 6

Capitol Police Whistleblower Delivers Withering Rebuke To Two Of His Senior Leaders On Jan. 6

The whistleblower’s criticism extended beyond Capitol Police leaders to Congress. Without naming specific lawmakers, his letter accuses congressional leaders of “deliberately failing” to tell the truth about the department’s failures.

Mediafrolic has received the letter describing the allegations, which is circulating among the Capitol Police, and is publishing portions of it here. To protect the whistleblower’s identity, Mediafrolic is not publishing the letter in full.

“The truth may be less valued than politics by many members of the congressional community, including those who made decisions about USCP leadership after Jan. 6, but I believe the truth still matters to real people and certainly to the public.” men and women of the US Capitol Police,” the whistleblower wrote.

A Capitol Police spokesperson sent a statement in response to the letter that begins: A lot has changed since January 6. While there is more work to be done, many of the issues described in the letter have been resolved.”

The spokesperson added that the department has “implemented and continues to implement many of the critical recommendations,” a Senate investigation on Jan. 6, a separate review conducted by retired Lieutenant General Russel Honoré, and multiple investigations by its own inspector-general. general.

“The former employee’s letter reflects the thoughtful recommendations in those reports,” the Capitol Police spokesman continued. “USCP leaders, under new Chief Tom Manger, are determined to learn from past mistakes and protect our brave officers, who fought bravely on January 6, so that we can continue to carry out the department’s critical mission. The men and women of this department are committed to that crucial mission. Our goal is to work as a team, move forward and advance the work that keeps the U.S. Capitol and the people who work here safe.”

The letter was sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The Republican staff of the House Administration Committee also received a copy.

The whistleblower accused Pittman of lying to Congress about an important intelligence report the department received in late December. That report noted that a blog called “” posted a map of the Capitol campus, and commentators on the site called on protesters to bear arms and confront members of Congress on Jan. 6.

Pittman told congressional investigators in April that a cohort of senior department officials also knew about that information before the attack. However, the whistleblower claimed in his letter that other officials did not receive the intelligence report and that Pittman was lying when she said they did.

“These officers were the only officers who had all the intelligence information for the 6th,” the whistleblower wrote of Gallagher and Pittman.

“The single most important piece of intelligence information… was never shared with members of the USCP leadership,” the whistleblower added, asking, “Why did they approve the operational plan for the 6th if they knew the intelligence?”

A senior law enforcement official said other people in the department did have the information, but it clearly should have been disseminated more widely. The Capitol Police spokesman disputed the claim that Pittman lied to Congress, noting that the department has changed its internal and external intelligence-sharing practices because of the attack.

However, the report in question was not the only important piece of intelligence that failed to reach the right people in the department, according to the whistleblower. Gallagher and Pittman also had information showing that groups allowed to hold events around the Capitol on Jan. 6 were all front-line operations for Stop the Steal, the whistleblower wrote.

Stop the Steal was a movement that promoted the conspiracy theory that nefarious forces stole Trump’s election. The movement’s organizers promoted a rally on the National Mall prior to the attack on the Capitol.

That was “game-changing information,” the whistleblower added, but operations commanders — that is, the law enforcement officers in the field who oversee police activities — never heard of it.

According to the whistleblower, Gallagher and Pittman had all the necessary information to demand reinforcements from the National Guard, close the doors to the Capitol and use heavier but less lethal weapons on the morning of Jan. 6. But they didn’t share that information with the right people, the whistleblower wrote, instead adopting a woefully inadequate security plan.

The whistleblower also said he spent hours with Pittman and Gallagher in the Capitol Police Command Center during the attack, claiming they did little to stop the violence. The whistleblower’s presence at the command center on January 6 was confirmed by two other law enforcement officers and a third person who was present during the attack.

Those three people gave different statements about how long the whistleblower was there. One of the people said he was there for six hours, another said he was there “a few” hours, and a third said he was there for less than two hours.

“What I saw was that they were sitting there most of the time, blankly looking at the TV screens with real-time images of officers and officials fighting for Congress and their lives,” the whistleblower wrote.

“It is my claim that these two deliberately and maliciously chose not to try to help the officers and officers, blame others for the failures and chose to use this event for their own personal promotions,” he added. ready. “This is not done after the even[t] but while officers and officials were still fighting the protesters.”

They “usually watched with their hands in their laps,” he added, and “didn’t try to help or assist as officers and officials literally fought for each other, their lives, and Congress.”

The two law enforcement officers who confirmed the presence of Pittman and Gallagher in the command center disputed the claim that they were passively watching the attacks. Those officials said Gallagher focused on getting support from the National Guard and law enforcement partners, and that Pittman focused on evacuating and protecting members of Congress and the vice president.

However, the whistleblower wrote that officials and officers have resigned en masse from the department because Pittman and Gallagher were not held accountable for what happened that day.

“This concerted effort to protect the two members of the ministry, without doubt the most responsible for the tragic events of January 6, is abhorrent,” the whistleblower wrote.

And the whistleblower denounced the congressional leadership for allowing Gallagher and Pittman to keep their senior positions in the police force, even as a new chief took over from the Capitol Police.

“[I]It is extremely embarrassing for Congress’ leadership and staff that they have chosen the two individuals most responsible for the 6th to lead the department after the 6th,” he wrote in his conclusion. “Especially because an entity selected them without any research. To hold them accountable, the same group would have to admit they were wrong.”

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