Bop Shop: songs from Snail Mail, Wonho, Tems and more

Bop Shop: songs from Snail Mail, Wonho, Tems and more

If anyone can get a K-pop stand to even remotely care about sports, it’s Wonho in a football uniform. His new single “Blue”, the title track of his second mini album Blue Letter, puts the soloist in a whole new light, both sonically and visually. As the dawn of his new era, ‘Blue’ explores brighter, more optimistic themes compared to the darker concepts he’s explored in his past few releases. “We’re young, we’re stupid, we’ll just party all night,” he sings, representing a very different frame of mind. Accompanied by a lighthearted, campy sports-themed music video, Wonho is turning a new leaf and entering this comeback with joy, spirit and confidence. —Sarina Bhutanic


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Rachel Meadows

Rachel Meadows

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