Black Cat Runs Onto Field During Giants-Cowboys Game, Delays Play

Halloween isn’t over yet! Things got a little spooky at the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys game on Monday, November 4, as a black cat suddenly emerged from the stands at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

In a hilarious viral moment, the cat was spotted running onto the field during the Monday Night Football game. Though animals aren’t exactly what football fans want to see running into the end zone, the stadium’s announcers made the most of the two-minute delay in game.

The entire scene was captured by ESPN commentator Joe Tessitore, who couldn’t control his laughter as he gave a play-by-play call of the cat scurrying across the field. After roaming about the field and attempting to climb back up into the stadium seats, the cat finally made its way out of the end zone and through the tunnel that leads to the teams’ locker rooms.

“He’s walking to the three,” another announcer, Kevin Harlan, called out on the Westwood One broadcast. “He’s at the two, and the cat is in the CDW red zone!”

“Policemen and state troopers have come onto the field, and the cat runs into the end zone!” Harlan continued, playfully shouting, “That is a touchdown!”

Players cleared the field quickly, leaving stadium officials to chase after the unexpected visitor. “I ran,” Cowboys player DeMarcus Lawrence told SportsCenter after the game. “Game over … Y’all’s luck is terrible.”

According to MetLife building security, there are stray cats who frequently wander around the nearby area and take shelter inside the stadium. Officials spoke to sports reporter Madelyn Burke after the game, who later shared that the strays live in the bleachers and typically only come out when the stadium is empty. “This one must have gotten startled out by fan noise,” Burke tweeted.

This incident only adds fuel to the recent rumors that MetLife Stadium is haunted. A few weeks ago, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold confessed on the sidelines that he thought he saw ghosts during a disastrous game against the New England Patriots. Darnold’s microphone picked up the eerie comment, which was aired as part of the ESPN broadcast.

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