Billie Eilish Has A Mullet, And She’s ‘Growing That Shit Out’

Billie Eilish is known as a trendsetter, but when it comes to a new hairstyle she’s been rocking lately, she’s kind of hoping we all forget about it.

Recently, Billie’s been wearing her hair in a somewhat different style than we’re used to: the slime green on the top is still there, of course. But she’s got blunt layers at the top of her head that do make it look a bit like a mullet. Billie being Billie, it looks great! She’s not a big fan, though, considering that it’s the result of a dye job gone wrong.

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A TMZ reporter caught up with Billie during an airport arrival asking her about her new mullet style and if she planned on making it a trend. Billie was apparently surprised to hear it being called a mullet, but that is what it looks like after all!

“Mullet, what you mean mullet? That’s so mean!” laughed Billie in response to the hair inquiry. She was more than willing to discuss what happened, however, as the pair walked and talked.

“You know what happened?” Billie asked the reporter while on her way out of an airport terminal. “Somebody dyed my hair and they burnt half of it off and now it looks like a mullet. That shit is not on purpose though,” she stressed. RIP, Billie’s hair. Let’s be honest, though – if anyone could bring this hair trend back, it’s Ms. Eilish herself.

The singer has been flaunting her slime green ombre look for a while now, so when the now short layers grow back in, she may decide to try out a new hair trend. Hopefully whoever takes care of that for her doesn’t end up “burning it off” again. She’s got too much going on right now to deal with a hair emergency.

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