Best Vietnamese Food: 20 traditional Vietnamese dishes to try at home or abroad

Best Vietnamese Food: 20 traditional Vietnamese dishes to try at home or abroad

Did you know that Vietnamese culture is one of the oldest in all of Southeast Asia? This impressive feat has given the Vietnamese plenty of time to master their culinary art. Today, the best Vietnamese staple foods can be found in restaurants in many major cities around the world.

On our visits to Vietnam, we often found it difficult to order food because we didn’t really know what the dishes were. To make your dining experience easier, we have compiled this list of the best Vietnamese foods and also linked some recipes so you can try them at home.

Traditional Vietnamese food

Traditional Vietnamese food

In this article, we’re exploring 20 of the best dishes from Vietnam. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about the ingredients of each dish, but also the history and taste of each dish. To start our discussion, let’s start with bun cha, which is a flavorful and simple dish.

1. Bun Cha (Vietnamese Meatballs)

Vietnamese food bun cha meatballs

Bun cha has its roots in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. If you’ve visited Hanoi before, you know that you can find bun cha on every street you pass. It’s a traditional dish that is still popular today.

To the untrained eye, bun cha looks like a plate of meatballs. However, the taste of bun cha is very different from all Italian meatballs. Bun chai is made primarily from pork, but it also contains fish sauce, onions, garlic, sugar, and sometimes even caramel sauce.

Due to the presence of sugar (and sometimes caramel sauce), bun cha has a unique savory and sweet taste. Bun cha is usually served over rice noodles or vermicelli. It also comes with vegetables like lettuce, carrots, or herbs. Do this at home this delicious recipe!

2. Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich)

Banh Mi could easily be confused with baguette to the untrained eye. What reveals its origin is that it is significantly shorter than a traditional French baguette. This similarity is no accident as it is a product of the French introduction of baguettes to the Vietnamese in the 19th century.

In addition to baguettes, the French also brought their love of sandwiches to Vietnam. Over time, however, the Vietnamese moved away from ham and cheese sandwiches, which were and still are popular with the French. Instead, the Vietnamese have built in their own flavors.

Today you can find Banh Mi as a popular street food. These sandwiches can be filled with pork, cucumber, sardines or pickled carrots.

3. Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepes)

Banh Xeo Vietnamese crepes

Banh Xeo may look like a pancake, but it’s not the type of pancake you may be familiar with. Instead of being fluffy and sugary, it’s made with rice flour and turmeric along with water to turn the mixture into a smooth batter.

Banh Xeo is undoubtedly more of a savory than a sweet dish. It’s often served with vegetables like onions and bean sprouts. Most often it is folded up like an omelette with vegetables stuffed in it. You will love her especially if you are try this recipe!

4. Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef and pork noodle soup)

If you are looking for the best food in Vietnam in soup form, Bun Bo Hue is the place for you. Its name reveals its origin, as this dish comes from the city of Hue. However, this soup is not for the fussy eater as it is often made with pork knuckle and blood.

However, don’t let the ingredients stop you from trying Bun Bo Hue. This soup has an amazing mix of umami flavors and lemongrass, plus a spicy kick. Bun Bo Hue is filled with rice noodles and various vegetables such as red cabbage, coriander, basil and mint.

5. Pho (noodle soup)

Best Vietnamese Food Pho

Chances are you’ve heard of pho by now. Along with Bun Bo Hue, it is one of the most popular soups in Vietnam. It’s also a great alternative if Bun Bo Hue sounds too much to you.

Pho is made from either a chicken or beef base. Like the soup discussed earlier, rice noodles are also used, making it a delicious and filling comfort food. Depending on where you get your pho from, it can be mild or very hot.

6. Banh Cuon (rice bun)

Vietnamese food Banh Cuon rice rolls

Banh Cuon are buns made from fermented rice dough that simply cannot be missed. The rice dough wraps small balls of pork and chopped mushrooms, resulting in small packets of flavor. These rolls need to be cooked very carefully because the batter is so thin. For this reason, they are steamed briefly and are soon ready to eat. They are the perfect dish too make at home.

7. Che (sweet pudding)

Ever heard of dessert soup? Che is just that. While Chè has some hearty overtones, it is mostly a sweet dish. This is because coconut cream and tapioca fruit are some of the main ingredients in this soup. The heartier ingredients include kidney beans and vegetables. To make this recipe at home, give it a try Che Bap recipe for your own corn pudding.

8. Mi Vit Tiem (braised duck noodle soup)

Vietnamese food Mi Vit Tiem Braised duck noodle soup

If you love duck, Mi Vit Tiem is for you. It’s a different soup, but instead of sweet flavors, it has the hearty flavors of roast duck. Mi Vit Tiem has its roots in Chinese cuisine, but there is undoubtedly a Vietnamese twist to it. Egg noodles are used instead of rice noodles. This soup can also be very spicy.

9. Hu Tieu (noodle soup with pork and seafood)

On the other hand, if you want a little warm up, why not go with Hu Tieu? Finding a single version of this dish can be difficult as it can vary so widely from place to place, but each version has its own charm. It almost always contains pork and seafood. Hu Tieu is a pork bone soup. In addition, there is no standard recipe for everything from pasta to vegetables and herbs.

10. Goi Cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls)

Vietnamese food Goi Cuon spring rolls

What should you look for when you want something cool and refreshing? Goi Cuon is your answer. Goi Cuon is like a salad wrapped in practical rolls. These buns are filled with seafood, leafy greens, and sometimes pork. There is no better dish for a hot summer day. These are our favorite Vietnamese dishes to prepare at home. follow this simple recipe to impress your friends.

11. Cao Lau

Vietnamese food Cao Lau

If you want to experiment with textures then Cau Lau is for you. It consists of thick, chewy noodles and crispy crackers. On the flip side, it’s also full of juicy pork and broth. Try Cao Lau for a true gastronomic adventure. We have had this a few times in Vietnam and loved it. Asian inspirations has to follow the full recipe.

12.Ga Tan (Poached Chicken Soup)

If you’re looking for something similar to your grandmother’s homemade soup, Ga Tan is for you. It’s a warm and very healthy soup that will clear your sinuses when you feel full. It is fully stocked with chicken and herbs. The aroma and taste of Ga Tan can do wonders.

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13.Ga Nuong (BBQ Chicken)

Vietnamese food Ga Nuong Barbeque Chicken

Are you looking for sweet but savory chicken? Ga Nuong is what you need. It’s essentially Vietnam’s version of barbecue chicken. You will be amazed how long Ga Nuong can cook and still be juicy instead of dry. This is one of those Vietnamese dishes that really surprised us. It’s a nice detour from all the soups.

14.Bot Chien (Fried Rice Cakes)

Bot chien can be enjoyed in the morning or late in the evening. It’s a simple dish made of fried pieces of rice flour with an egg mixed in. However, the refreshing flavors of the accompanying papaya and vegetables can turn the flavors of bot chien into something wonderful.

15. Chao (Vietnamese rice porridge)

Best Vietnamese Food Chao Vietnamese Congee

Chao may not seem very impressive to you. After all, it’s just mush. However, this creamy dish is ideal if you are not very hungry or are struggling with stomach problems. You can slightly spice up chao by adding meat and herbs. Hungry Huy has one easy to follow recipe here.

16. Lau (hot pot)

Is lukewarm not to eat something alone. In fact, making lau is a communal experience centered around a large, boiling pot. You will never eat the same lau twice as it can be very different. One pot could be filled with tofu and another could be filled with fish. There are no limits to the production of Lau.

Vietnamese Food Com Chay Fried Rice Cake

Looking for vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine? Look no further than Com Chay. Com chay is a crispy rice treat filled with faux meat, although some places use the real offer. So make sure you know what you are getting when you order com chay.

18. Bun Rieu (crab noodle soup)

Are you hungry for lunch and not sure what to eat? Do you love seafood too? Why not choose Rieu rolls? This crab and noodle soup will delight your taste buds, especially if you like crab. You will find that the type of noodles in this soup can vary a lot, but the taste is amazing.

19.Dau Phu Sot Ca Chua (fried tofu in tomato sauce)

Vietnamese Food Dau Phu Sot Ca Chua Fried Tofu in Tomato Sauce

This is sure to be a favorite if you love tofu. Dau Phu Sot Ca Chua consists of fried tofu pieces that are then soaked in tomato sauce. Then the tofu is sprinkled with aromatic herbs. This tofu dish is not lacking in taste.

20. Bo Bit Tet (Vietnamese beef steak)

Fancy something quick and greasy? You think so Steak and egg Dish almost anywhere because it’s so easy to prepare. This thin steak often comes with meatballs and freshly cooked potatoes.

Find the best Vietnamese food

By the end of this article, you will know all there is to know about the best Vietnamese food out there. If you’re looking to try some amazing new dishes, you’ve come to the right place with Vietnamese cuisine.

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