Best Skincare Fridges That Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine – WWD

Best Skincare Fridges That Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine – WWD

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The beauty industry is constantly evolving with new technological innovations, leading to an influx of emerging trends and fads. These days, beauty enthusiasts are enlisting the help of skin care fridges to elevate their skin care routines with their sleek construction and surprising skin care benefits.

What do skin care fridges do?

Featuring a similar design to that of a mini fridge, beauty fridges offer a stylish storage solution with their compact designs and eccentric array of colors. But, the perks extend beyond helping skin care lovers free up real estate on their vanities. Skin care fridges have also been found to improve the efficacy of certain products thanks to their icy temperature settings, as applying a chilled skin care product may help reduce swelling by soothing the skin and giving it a more refreshed-looking appearance. And, in certain cases, storing products formulated with active ingredients could potentially prolong their shelf life.

Which products can be stored in a skin care fridge?

Many skin care product formulations are skin care fridge-compatible. Moisturizers and eye creams are the best products to store in your beauty fridges due to their whipped textures. Many skin care lovers will also vouch for sheet masks and face tools such as jade rollers and gua shas, noting that sticking them in the fridge enhances user experience and boasts several anti-puffiness benefits. However, certain serums, oils, cleansers and toners might not fare well in a beauty fridge as the colder temperatures might actually cause their liquid-based formulas to solidify.

In the market for a beauty fridge? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone on your list, read on to find the best skin care fridges at every price point.

1. Chefman Mini Personal Fridge

Designed for perfect portability with its sleek construction and carrying handle, this mini fridge offers long-lasting durability. It also comes in four different colors and features a removable shelf so you can customize it to fit whichever products need chilling.

chefman mini skincare fridge

Chefman Mini Personal Fridge


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2. Spa Sciences Skin care Beauty Fridge

With a minimum cooling capacity of 40°F, this conveniently-sized beauty fridge delivers a spa-quality experience by keeping your skin care products at the perfect temperature to boost their efficiency and extend their shelf life.

spa sciences skincare fridge

Spa Sciences Skin care Beauty Fridge


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3. Crownful Mini Fridge

This top-rated mini fridge has a four-liter capacity and features a brush-less, high-grade, long-running fan motor that doesn’t make any noise. It cools down to 32°F, comes with a removable shelf and is available in black, white and pink.

crownful skincare fridge

Crownful Mini Fridge


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4. Cooluli Mini Fridge

Available in seven trend-inspired colors and prints, this compact thermo-electric fridge features a unique semiconductor operation that is energy-efficient, quiet and eco-friendly. It is also equipped with adequate shelving to comfortably store your favorite skin care products.

cooluli mini skincare fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge


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5. Finishing Touch Flawless Beauty Fridge

Perfect for storing everything from moisturizers and face masks to jade rollers and gua shas, this portable beauty fridge will add a touch of glam to your space with its chic white design and luxe gold detailing.

flawless beauty fridge

Finishing Touch Flawless Beauty Fridge


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6. Cooseon Beauty Fridge

Specifically designed for skin care and cosmetics products, this innovative beauty fridge comes equipped with an LED mirror so you’ll always have ample lighting while you’re getting ready.

cooseon beauty fridge

Cooseon Beauty Fridge


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7. Uber Appliance 9L Personal Beauty Refrigerator

Boasting a retro-inspired design with its rounded corners and window-front feature, this top-rated beauty fridge has a removable shelf so you can efficiently store your favorite products and offers both cooling and heating options for optimal storage.

uber skincare fridge

Uber Personal Beauty Refrigerator


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8. FaceTory Portable Beauty Fridge

Offering a 10-liter capacity, removable shelves, and an efficient, long-lasting motor, this skin care fridge is available in two vibrant colors and even comes with a clear dry erase board so you can keep track of your products.

facetory skincare fridge

FaceTory Portable Beauty Fridge


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9. Vanity Planet Fria Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Featuring a clear, window-front construction that proudly puts your skin care routine on display, this beauty fridge offers a customizable experience thanks to its modern, interchangeable three-shelf design.

vanity planet skincare fridge

Vanity Planet Fria Mini Beauty Fridge


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10. Teami Luxe Skin Care Fridge

Whether you’re following an intricate 12-step skincare routine or just need better storage for the products in your current rotation, this beauty fridge helps you effortlessly organize your products with its compartments of varying sizes, multiple door shelves and beauty drawer compartment. Plus, it’s currently 25% off at Nordstrom.

teami luxe skin care fridge

Teami Luxe Skin Care Fridge


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