As Trump thunders over the latest election, Republicans worry about the next one

As Trump thunders over the latest election, Republicans worry about the next one

Mr Reed said the former president’s comments about the Republicans not voting “would justify a sanction from the Republican National Committee.” He warned: “It will seriously affect the 2022 midterms.”

Tensions between Mr McConnell and Mr Trump have escalated recently as the former president stepped up his attacks on the minority leader, accusing Mr McConnell of “folding” at Democrats in a recent agreement to raise the debt ceiling of the United States. country to increase. He called for the leader’s impeachment in a recent interview with Fox News, saying, “Mitch is not the man.”

Trump’s allies did not deny that he was content with Republicans paying the ultimate political price for what he and a significant portion of his voters saw as disloyal.

“President Trump says, ‘Hey, I’m bringing you guys up to speed. My people can’t figure it out,” said Stephen K. Bannon, the former White House chief strategist who has used his podcast to further amplify Mr Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election. “There could be no greater shot across the bow of the establishment.”

But the harder Trump’s allies push their election fraud claims, the harder it becomes to please their most persistent followers. Even Ms. Taylor Greene, who is as far-right and pro-Trump as they come in the Republican party, doesn’t always seem to be able to please the fringe. Lately, she’s been arguing online with L. Lin Wood, an Atlanta attorney who helped Mr. Trump sow doubts about his loss in Georgia, about who really represents the Trump movement. Mr Wood has accused her of not doing enough to expose cases of voter fraud. She has said that Mr Wood is “not one of us”.

Such radicalization comes with a price, says David Jolly, a former Republican congressman from Florida who is critical of the former president. At a time when larger political trends point to problems for the Democratic Party in 2022, he said, Mr. Trump’s actions threaten to interfere with what should be a good environment for Republicans.

“This should be a 100 percent fair referendum on Biden,” Jolly said. “Instead you have Trump the narcissist trying to inject himself into what should be a slide for the Republicans towards an incredibly successful election, by making it all about him.”

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