Arizona Freedom Rally: “We Don’t Call The Shots They”

Arizona Freedom Rally: “We Don’t Call The Shots They”

At 4 p.m. Monday, Arizona Patriots will oppose vaccine mandates for airline personnel outside Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Today’s rally takes place on the corner of 44th st. and Washington in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit reported on similar meetings earlier this month, with airline employees boycotting vaccine mandates.

Arizona Governor Kari Lake spoke at their October 23 meeting and gave The Gateway Pundit an exclusive interview. Lake called on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to open a special legislative session to ban the mandates and decertify Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 elections.

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Southwest workers protest vaccine mandate outside the airline’s headquarters in Dallas (VIDEO)

Stolen elections have serious consequences, and we’ve seen this with the Biden regime’s federal vaccine mandate for employers with more than 100 employees.

Call Doug Ducey’s office to demand a special hearing to regain our medical and voting rights.

American Airlines told employees they must be fully vaccinated against Covid by Nov. 24 or they face a threat of layoff.

American Airlines canceled more than 100 flights to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor on Sunday and more than 1,500 flights nationwide as of Friday due to crew shortages.

The airline blames the cancellations on “high wind gusts”.

New data obtained by The Gateway Pundit proves that the wind was not causing these cancellations, but crew shortages.

None of the 53 flights on the list were labeled as canceled due to weather as the reason for the flight cancellation, but the airline still claims “high wind gusts” are to blame.

American Airlines cancels another 634 flights on Sunday – 1,500 flights canceled since Friday

The protests are working. Be there at 4 pm

Arizona Freedom Rally: “We Don’t Call The Shots They”

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