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April’s Germaphobia With Valentin – Hollywood Life

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April and Valentin are ready to take their romance to the next level as long as April’s ‘germaphobia’ doesn’t sabotage their plans on 90 Day Fiance:Love In Paradise! In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 8 episode, April prepares to meet Valentin’s family for the first time and reveals she is worried about her compulsion for cleanliness becoming an issue with her in-laws. “I’m nervous that I’m going to go to Valentin’s mom’s house and and my OCD is gonna get triggered and my germaphobia’s gonna come out and I really don’t want that to happen,” April explains.

The clip opens with both April and Valentin spraying disinfectant around their hotel room, with enough overspray to make Valentin cough. “Take one for the team,” April jokes to her beau, whom she’s dated for almost a year. She then says in a confessional, “Valentin knows I have a problem with germs and he’s accepted it and so he just grabs the material and helps me clean.”

When asked if April performs her “cleaning ritual” often, Valentin’s eyes went wide as he smiled and said, “It happens all the time.” He added, “I don’t understand it when April spends so much time cleaning because I assume such a nice hotel should be clean. But I love April with all her craziness and I’ve missed her a lot.” Wow… relationship goals!

April then explains how she brought her own pillow case to sleep on and that Valentin will have to fend for himself with a mere hotel pillowcase. “Do you understand?” asks April, to which Valentin hilariously answered in Spanish, saying, “I understand nothing.”

April and Valentin are ramping up their romance but her ‘germaphobia’ might cause some issues. (TLC)

A full-on inspection of the sheets follows, plastic gloves and all, as the hotel bedding did not appear up to snuff for April. “This is not good. Think about all the sex that’s been on this bed,” she exclaims. “If we don’t change the sheets, I’m going to sleep in all my clothes and my jacket tonight.”

But it was definitely not a jacket kind of evening, as April suddenly popped up in some lingerie, prompting Valentin to seductively raise his eyebrows up and down. April then speaks into her phone to translate a question to Valentin about what he’s planning to wear to bed. As actions speak louder than words, Valentin quickly strips down to his underwear for the answer. With his muscular torso on display, April shouts, “Holy s***, just get into bed!”

After making certain Valentin showered before getting under the covers, April concludes, “I’m so happy to find a man who accepts all my quirks. but I am really worried that his family will feel different.”

Tune in to see what goes down with April, Valentin and Valentin’s family when the full episode airs on Monday. And catch the whole Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise as it continues every Monday at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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