Andrew Giuliani thinks he’s leading the race for New York governor. Aww that’s cute

Andrew Giuliani thinks he’s leading the race for New York governor.  Aww that’s cute

Giuliani the Younger recently appeared on Newsmax — a network that deep-blue New Yorkers can’t take their eyes off of — to brag about his supposedly imaginary lead in the Republican primaries.


GIULIANI: “We just published our first poll. We found out of the 2.9 million registered Republicans that we are 8 points ahead of the Republican nomination so far. So look, I think there was a plan for the party to anoint another candidate. Unfortunately for them, the 2.9 million Republicans are starting to say, you know what, we love this Giuliani guy. So, honestly, I’m very excited. I think the 62 county tour we’ve already done and completed, we’re around our second statewide county tour, I think it helps. And the truth is, we continue to talk to people, to businesses that have been hit so hard, not just by the past 17 months and the pandemic, but by the last 10 and a half years of Andrew Cuomo’s reign. And I am confident that they will make me their nominee and eventually we will take out Andrew Cuomo on November 8, 2022.”

Excellent! Looks like he’s on his way to Victo…

Wait, what is this now?


Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, failed to get support from state Republicans for his bid to become New York’s next governor in a classified poll held Monday.

Send the news: Rep. Lee Zeldin (RN.Y.) got about 85% of the vote, and about 10% chose to abstain, New York Republicans said. The results bode well for Zeldin’s chances of becoming the Republican candidate to challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming election.

What he says: “I think this is too early,” Giuliani told vertelde Politics. “I think if you just look at the numbers, I think you’ll see we perform better in blue states when there’s a primary.”

  • Giuliani said he believes he has more crossover support than Zeldin.

Hmm, go with Andrew Giuliani or remember? I feel like far more than 10% of women have gone for the “abstain” option.

In his Newsmax interview, A-Ghouls also compared his early sluggishness to Donald Trump’s outlook in 2015, noting that Trump was not the insider’s candidate at the time, and neither was Andrew. But I can’t remember Trump ever getting 0% in a poll unless High times had a survey asking which candidate they would most like to burn a joint with at Burning Man.

And if this video is representative of Andrew’s acumen at all, it’s unlikely to evolve much above zero.

I have… thoughts.

1) Great camera work. That said, I’m sure Peter Jackson could have consulted the campaign to make their candidate look even more like an angry hobbit.

2) Do all Giulianis have a supernatural instinct to choose the worst possible location for their announcements? Did the local dildo company turn down Andrew and notice his lack of gravitas compared to his father? He could have at least made his statement in a Four Seasons room.

This should be fun… while it lasts. Because what New Yorkers, from Buffalo to the Bronx, really love is everything MAGA has to offer. So maybe he’ll keep raising Trump and his dad and remind all those ruby ​​New York sconces of their Mr. Magoian attempt to force Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Godspeed, A-Ghouls. You need all the luck you can get.

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