‘America First’ has answers to the crisis of confidence in the US

‘America First’ has answers to the crisis of confidence in the US

By Steve Cortes for RealClearPolitics

A majority of Americans are entering 2022 full of worry and fear. During President Biden’s first year in the White House, public concern grew, including among voters who identify as independents and Democrats. In the latest year-end survey from Axios/Momentive, 2021 saw a 50% increase in fears of what 2022 will bring among independents. Democrats weren’t much more optimistic. They started off with refreshing optimism last year as their party took control of the White House and Congress, with only 19% of Democratic voters fearing 2021. By the end of the year, that number had risen to 45%.

As a result of this rigorous assessment, the RealClearPolitics poll average of Joe Biden’s pass/fail ratio has also fallen sharply over the past year, from a fantastic 20 percentage point surplus in his favor on inauguration day to a minus-10 point rating.

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Given this environment, Republicans are naturally gaining confidence in the midterm elections. But taking nominal control of Capitol Hill isn’t enough. Will Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and their lieutenants be content to stop the wakeful and socialist-inspired agenda of progressives? Or will they boldly carry out a populist nationalist “America First” agenda at full throttle?

Doing this requires focus, not a scattershot approach. The next Republican-majority Congress must focus intensely on a short list of the most pressing issues, where only the populists can save ordinary Americans from the abuse of oligarchs and their maidservants in both major political parties.

The first problem is inflation. This is the factor that explains the 30-point approval swing that has buried the Biden White House in a matter of months. Inflation is essentially a tax – and a highly regressive tax. After decades of subdued inflation, Americans understandably fear the continued loss of wealth as their standard of living erodes by the day. Real wages have fallen under Biden for eight straight months.

Predictably, the ravages of inflation hit the working class hardest. For example, a recent Gallup poll found that of modest earners who earn $40,000 or less per year, 71% report inflation as a severe or moderate hardship. In contrast, only 2% of workers earning $100,000 a year or more cited inflation as a serious hardship. A November Quinnipiac poll found that Biden still enjoyed a slight positive economics approval rating among those with college degrees, 50%-49%. But among non-degree holders, Biden is wasting 54 percentage points underwater, with only 20% approval and 74% disapproval. Inflation helps explain this huge gap.

What solutions should be offered? For starters, stop unfair labor competition so workers have a chance to keep up with the soaring prices of Biden’s inflation surge. Stop allowing millions of largely unchecked, illegal migrants to simply enter America under the false pretense of seeking asylum.

For our citizens: End barriers to work, including government’s erratic and unscientific mandates for vaccines in the workplace.

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Return to the previous administration’s pro-energy policies of building oil pipelines, rejuvenated drilling and aggressive exploration on government lands so Americans can take advantage of cheap, abundant domestic fuel.

In the longer term, continue the process President Trump began to demand fairness and reciprocity in trade agreements, especially with China. Once an America First president is elected in 2024, tax and tariff policies will need to be permanently changed to force manufacturing back into the United States, especially in critical industries such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals.

But healing the economy alone is not enough.

Our society also suffers from a disease of the soul, and legions of ordinary Americans feel silenced and intimidated by ruling class elites who insist that we pretend to believe basic myths such as the existence of dozens of genders. . It is high time for politicians to speak publicly as the vast majority of Americans speak privately on current cultural issues.

As a recent poll by Rasmussen revealed, 75% of Americans agree that there are only two human genders. Only 18% believe in multiple genders, and yet that tiny minority drives education policy and makes nearly every major cultural decision for our society, declaring the vast supermajority of Americans hopeless bigots because they ignore the reality of the accept humanity as husband and wife.

From a policy standpoint, the America First agenda should address this issue before elections, from school boards to the US Senate. Prevent radical teachers and their unions from sexualizing and indoctrinating young children with unscientific gender-fluid psychobabble. Ban public buildings or funds for such atrocities as children’s drag queen stories. Make the infiltration of girls’ and women’s sports by biological men illegal.

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The common theme with these two issues is protection. At present, powerful forces are working together to oppress the masses, through financial and cultural repression. Only the emerging populist nationalist movement can protect citizens in both areas. The recovery of wages and the recovery of mental health for men and women represent an agenda worthy of a major movement in this new year.

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

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