‘Always More To The Story’: Siesta Key Is Returning With An Explosive Season

‘Always More To The Story’: Siesta Key Is Returning With An Explosive Season

There’s “always more to the story” in Siesta Key.

The show will return on an all-new night for another explosive season, premiering Thursday, March 10. This Sarasota-based summer is about change, growing up, finding yourself, and deciding who you want to hold close… and who you’ve outgrown. Plus, topics popping up on social media, including “Wait…who is Chloe’s new husband?” and “OMG! Juliette and Sam broke up,” are about to be addressed. Now, here’s a peek at the latter statement.

“Just shut up for like five seconds,” Juliette tells Sam mid-bickering in the first look above. Yes, “the queen is making waves.”

Who is calling someone a “nasty, vindictive bitch” — and who is “tired of lying”? Watch the promo above, and find out more with the cast updates below. And do not miss the season premiere of Siesta Key on Thursday, March 10 at 9/8c only on MTV.

  • Juliette and Sam

    The cracks are showing in Juliette and Sam’s fairytale romance — turns out, having it all doesn’t always equal happiness. Juliette will have to choose between her relationship or herself as she continues to navigate growing a fashion empire and her thirst for independence.

  • Kelsey

    Kelsey questions her choices as her business poses unforeseen challenges and her relationship hits a standstill.

  • Chloe

    Chloe continues her enlightened journey with a new man by her side — and he could finally be THE one. Meanwhile, Cara continues to question her every move.

  • Madisson

    Madisson has started her new life in LA but is planning her dream wedding in Siesta Key.

  • Amanda

    Amanda has found a guy on her level but struggles to commit when her family life takes a turn.

  • Garrett

    Garrett has met the love of his life Kenna, but his world is turned upside-down when his closest friends voice their disapproval.

  • Brandon

    Brandon is stepping up to the plate of fatherhood while trying to stay true to his own passions.


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