Alabama Governor Kay Ivey orders agencies to oppose Joe Biden’s Covid Vax mandate

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey orders agencies to oppose Joe Biden’s Covid Vax mandate

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) on Monday ordered government agencies to oppose Joe Biden’s Covid-vax mandate.

Last month, Joe Biden dropped the iron fist on the private sector by demanding that all employees be poked or tested weekly for Covid…OR ELSE.

The Biden regime will not only tell all 2.1 million federal employees to get stung or be fired, but will force all companies with more than 100 employees to test employees or prove they are vaccinated.

Small businesses that fail to comply with the Biden regime’s new Covid mandates face heavy fines.

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Governor Ivey is pushing back Joe Biden’s mandate, calling it an “outrageous overshoot.”

“Governor Ivey signed an executive order prohibiting executive agencies — including agencies such as Medicaid, Mental Health and Human Resources — from punishing employees or companies for failing to comply with the federal vaccine mandate.” -AP reported.

“The excessive overspending by the federal government has simply left us with no choice but to take action, which is why I am issuing this executive order to combat these egregious COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” Ivey said in a statement.

Ivey’s executive order does not apply to universities, the AP said. “The universities were established by the Constitution of Alabama and are under the management and control of a board of trustees.”

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