Adult woman threatens to ‘kneel’ on black 9-year-old’s neck and calls him N-word

Adult woman threatens to ‘kneel’ on black 9-year-old’s neck and calls him N-word

“Scared, DH ran away, but the defendant was able to catch up with him,” the lawyer said in the indictment. At the time, Graper is accused of making the threat and calling the child the n-word, leaving him “trembling and upset — to the point of tears,” the attorney wrote in the indictment. The child’s mother called Dover Police when he returned home.

“When police met the defendant on June 1, 2021, the defendant initially could not remember the incident, but then told how DH had broken her child’s toys,” a lawyer said in the indictment. “The defendant denied telling DH she would kneel on his neck, instead recalling words that read, ‘You wonder why the fuck you’re kneeling.’

She also denied calling DH an****r but later stated it was because ‘they’ don’t know how to close their ‘n****r pie holes’.

The kneeling comment appears to be a reference to the death of George Floyd, a black father murdered in police custody when a white Minneapolis cop knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes.

DH’s family attorney wrote in the lawsuit:

DH’s race motivated the defendant’s threat. The nature of the defendant’s threats provoked DH’s race, as the threat was a reference to the widely publicized George Floyd murder that took place in 2020. The defendant’s use of racist remarks against DH further proved the racial motivation for it. the threat of the accused. In addition, the defendant’s statement to law enforcement that “they” don’t know how to close their “n****r pie holes” provides further evidence in support of the racial motivation for the defendant’s threat.20 Defendant’s action was a violation of the Civil Rights Act, RSA 354-B:1.”

The prosecutor’s office said in the release that a civil rights violation allows a maximum civil fine of $5,000. “The court may also impose further violations of the Civil Rights Act,” officials said. “The complaint and the allegations therein are just allegations that the Civil Rights Unit must prove at a final hearing.”

DH’s family lawyer said he was “afraid to return to the park and will only do so if there are other children to help protect him.”

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