36 astrology gifts every zodiac sign will love for Christmas

36 astrology gifts every zodiac sign will love for Christmas

Hey, babe, what’s your sign?

We only ask because we want to make sure to get you the perfect gift, tailored to your astrological sign and dictated by the stars. Or, if you are as generous as an Aries or a kind and emotional Cancer, these items are the best to give as gifts this holiday season once you know your recipient’s sign.

Most of these treats also come in other versions for multiple signs, so don’t worry if you fall in love with a Scorpio pendant but have a BFF who is a Leo.

However, some gifts just exude strong zodiac energy, making them a perfect match for their specific sign.

Check out the list below, sorted by zodiac signs and their dates, and have your loved ones questioning if you’re simply a great present giver or actually a psychic.

Scorpio: October 23 through November 21

Kendra Scott Scorpio Coin Charm, $35

Kendra Scott

“To the magical Scorpio born in October — fearlessly chase after the unknown.”

The Kendra Scott product description says it all, and we hope this charm helps your Scorpio friend find their drive to do so.

The coin is large which is perfect for layering with other jewelry or wearing on its own as a statement any Scorpio will be proud to show. We love the gold but it also comes in an array of other colors like silver, rose gold and vintage washes of both gold and silver, too.

Rhinestone Decor Scorpion Design Ring, $4

A scorpion ring on a peach background

Love fiercely and dress fiercely, too.

This ring from Shein is a statement piece to say the least, with rhinestones covering the scorpion’s body and two bands to hold it onto the length of your finger. The ring bends and moves with you, loyally staying on tight like a real Scorpio would.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, $27

A red eyeshadow pallet

Show off your passionate side with a sultry and very Scorpio eye look.

This Huda beauty pallet is sold at Sephora, and you’ll need to act quick as a scorpion to snag this limited edition ruby shade. The pallet has nine stunning colors perfect for a red smokey eye or a statement lid your Scorpio bestie will be able to rock.

Sagittarius: November 22 through December 21

Society6 Sagittarius Throw Pillow, $30.99

A beige pillow with a pink and orange arrow and the word Sagittarius in bubble letters

Spruce up your Sagitarius friend’s place with a pillow as bright and fun as they are.

Designed by the artists at Society6, the pillow is decorated with a hot pink and orange bow and arrow, shooting for the moon of your Sagittarius’s dreams. The pillow case comes with a pillow already inside, and can be ordered in a smaller 16-by-16 size or as big as a 24-by-24, with a few sizes in between.

Crystal-Infused Zodiac Nail Polish, $18

A bottle of dark red nail polish with the Sagittarius logo
Uncommon Goods

Chances are your Sagittarius loves colors and brightness, and that extends to their nails as well.

This is no ordinary polish, as Uncommon Goods doesn’t do ordinary. Instead, this polish is infused with micronized crystals for each sign. The Sagittarius color is a Metallic Magenta color, infused with citrine crystals.

Scratch Map, $26 to $40

A scratch map and a hand scratching something off
Uncommon Goods

Oh the places they’ll go.

Sagittarius folks are traveling souls and lovers of adventure. This scratch map of the world not only documents where they’ve been with beautiful colored countries, but will inspire them to roam again someday soon.

Capricorn: December 22 through January 19

Wild Rose Shop Zodiac Candle, $32

A white candle with pink label that reads Capricorn
Free People

Ground your ambitious Capricorn in a the sweet smell and ambiance of a well lit room; a gift they are sure to love.

This zodiac candle is sold at Free People, inspiring your friend to feel free as well. Plus, the Earth sign will appreciate that the candle is part of the Care FP program, created sustainably to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Refreshing scent of Hawaiian Awapuhi, Aloe and Agave that transports you to the vacation of your daydreams. Thoughtfully designed and packaged in a white glass jar with a raw wood top,” reads the product description of the heavenly scent.

Custom Capricorn Vans Shoes, $95

A pair of black Vans shoes with a Capricorn constellation

Capricorns are grounded, so have them walk on that ground in style.

These custom Vans in the Old Skool style are still as fashionable as ever, especially since they are decked out in their star sign with constellations, moons, suns and more decorating the canvas shoe.

Celestial One Line a Day Journal, $15.26

A blue book journal

Your very dedicated and time-concerned Capricorn may need a daily reminder to slow down and reflect, and this will help.

The celestial design is perfect for the zodiac theme, and the purpose screams Capricorn. Simply take a moment and write down a line of thoughts every day, and before you know it you’ll have five years of reflections collected in this handy little book-turned-time capsule.

Aquarius: January 20 through February 18

Origami Zodiac Necklaces, $65

A gold necklace with a origami man
Uncommon Goods

A different take on the traditional zodiac necklace, this pendant is as powerful and unique as your Aquarius friend.

The water bearer symbol is shown in an origami form, sold at Uncommon Goods and designed by Sue Beatrice. The pendant is made of thay gold and tarnish resistant brass, on a 14k gold filled chain which measures 18 inches.

Zodiac 14 oz Stacking Mug, $12

A gray mug with the Aquarius water bearer on it
Urban Outfitters

Give your water bearer somewhere to fill up her cup, with this aptly decorated mug.

Urban Outfitters has one for every sign, but this just makes sense for an Aquarius. The 14-ounce cup is perfect for their morning coffee (not that they need any more energy!) or an afternoon pick-me-up before they are off again on another adventure.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119

A gray essential oil diffuser

Embrace and enhance this air sign’s atmosphere, with a diffuser they’ll use every day.

The practicality of the diffuser will make your Aquarius very happy, and so will how the air makes their mind feel, more at ease and capable of all their intellectual thoughts. Perfect for their home office where they spend all their time, the diffuser comes in an array of colors to match.

Pisces: February 19 through March 20

“Sorry, I’m A Water Sign” Classic T-Shirt, $20.59

A woman and a man in matching white "Sorry I'm a Water Sign" tee shirts in blue letters

Next time your Pisces friend’s emotions get the best of them, no need for an explanation when you have this shirt.

Made by the artists as Redbubble, this apologetic shirt is a funny tongue in cheek way to recognize their star sign and add some funny zodiac flare to their wardrobe. The tee comes in unisex sizing and ranges from a small to a 5XL.

Pisces Astrology Coloring Book, $8.95

A Pisces coloring book with a colored logo on the front

Celebrate their creative side with an adult coloring book they’ll make a masterpiece of.

With 32 pages of fish and astrology-themed pages, your friend will color inside and outside the lines, having a blast being creative with just a little bit of structure too. The book is sold on Amazon, making it even easier to gift and send.

Alex and Ani Pisces Zodiac Charm Bangle, $39

A silver bangle with a black Pisces charm
Alex and Ani

If they wear their heart on their sleeve, they should wear their sign there, too.

This classic bangle from Alex and Ani is a great addition to their stack, or to wear alone as a reminder of who they are and why they matter to you in the universe. The silver bangle is adjustable and easy to slide on and off, while the black charm is adorned with Swarovski crystals for an added level of bling.

Aries: March 21 through April 19

Sequin NYC Aries Floating Earrings, $68

A pair of gold hoops with the Aries sign
Sequin NYC

Float through Aries season with these amazing hoops from Sequin NYC.

The earrings float on a golden hoop, made of 22K gold plated brass. Then check out the Aries sign itself, which is decked out in with Swarovski crystals. The unique earrings are designed and made in the USA, making for a great gift for the Aries in your life.

Mejuri Aries Necklace 14k Gold, $395

A gold necklace with the Aries constellation

They are known for being generous, so now it’s time to give them a nice gift in return.

This gold bracelet is a great option, as it is made of 14k solid gold. The constellation on the charm isn’t made of stardust, but of ethically-sourced diamonds, which is honestly just as great.

What’s Your Sign? The Horoscope Game for Astrology Lovers, $19.97

A purple game called "What's Your Sign"

Some say that Aries are competitive, but doesn’t that just make them more fun?

Put them to the test with this hilarious zodiac-themed card game from the makers of What Do You Meme. In this version, players must create the funniest horoscopes by choosing a card in their hand that best completes the prompt. The judge decides, so real astrology geniuses will use their knowledge of how their sign effects humor and win the game.

Taurus: April 20 through May 20

Good American Taurus Boyfriend Sweatshirt, $89

Two photos of a woman in a gray Taurus sweatshirt, one from the back with a bull and the word Taurus and on from the front with the logo smaller
Good American

While bulls may look stubborn and stern from the outside, they really do have a softness inside when you get to know them.

Help make your Taurus friend extra comfy in this sweatshirt from Good American, bonus points if you get them…

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