Scenes from Biden’s first encounter with the media in months

Biden couldn’t have picked a more fortuitous time to reemerge. His 20-minute speech tearing into Trump for mishandling the coronavirus was carried live by all three cable networks. So too was his 30-minute question-and-answer session, which came moments after Anthony Fauci warned that daily new cases of the virus could surpass 100,000. If that wasn’t […]

‘Crazy Delicious’ Review: An Attempt at Whimsy Falls Flat

Strawberry cheesecake chicken wings. Prosecco waterfalls and cheese growing on trees. Chef Heston Blumenthal descending in a thunderclap, wearing a tight white suit. It’s not a lucid dream diary: it’s the newest cooking show on Netflix, Crazy Delicious, wherein three contestants compete in three rounds, taking ingredients and inspiration from a Willy Wonka-like garden where […]

Models of Social Interaction Do Not Reflect Current Social Life 

Are you secretly dreading the day when social distancing is just a vague memory? When you once again have to physically interact with other people, whether you like them or not? Chances are you are not a social deviant or a freak, but a representative of the new normal.  The long-established preference for, and mastering […]

Safari at the Omega Park

For an unforgettable family experience in the heart of nature, culture and history of Quebec, plan a one-day safari at Omega Park! Located between Montreal and Ottawa and open year-round, the park gives you the opportunity to admire all of Canada’s wild animals in one place and in their natural habitat. It’s a major attraction […]

5 Types of Pollution That Can Wreck Havoc on Your Skin

You know how important it is to wear sunscreen to keep your skin from aging prematurely. But there’s another threat that should have you updating your skin-care routine stat.   When it comes to keeping our skin smooth and ageless we know about the harmful effects of the sun and how important it is to […]

Khia Drags Lil Wayne Over Black Lives Matter Comments

Khia is at it again. After putting Trina on blast, the “My Neck, My Back” hitmaker is taking aim at Lil Wayne over controversial comments he made about racism, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. In a video which surfaced on social media, Judge Khia dragged the Young Money boss. “Let’s be real. […]

Easy Chicken Lombardy Recipe | The Recipe Critic

Chicken Lombardy is an insanely delicious cheesy version of Chicken Marsala baked to perfection with mozzarella and scallions. Ready in about 30 minutes! The combination of mushrooms in a creamy sauce is delicious over top any protein. Try this Creamy Chicken Marsala or Creamy Garlic Pork Marsala for more family meals. Easy Chicken Lombardy Hi guys! […]

How to Treat MTHFR, COMT and DNA Mutations

The Power of Epigenetics I’ve always been fascinated by the ways our bodies want to be healthy, and I’ve spent most of my life learning how to help them get there. As an undergraduate, I studied cell and molecular biology. I then became a naturopathic physician—a science-based practitioner who relies on natural methods to restore […]

Canada Day Facts – Fun Things I Bet You Didn’t Know!

I had to chuckle when I read that one of the most commonly asked questions by Americans when visiting Niagara Falls in July is “Why do Canadians celebrate July 4th with us?” So to help our neighbours to the south, here are some Canada Day Facts to help you understand that we aren’t celebrating with you, […]

How to Enhance Your Travel Photos With Lightroom

In this article, I’m going to demystify photo processing. Then I will show you my easy and quick routine for processing photos, by introducing you to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the reference for image processing. Photography perfectly complements travel in the sense that it allows to capture the moments we want to remember forever. Personally, I […]

What COVID Means To Those Who Can’t Work At Home

By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, June 29, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Working at home during a pandemic isn’t an option for about three-quarters of U.S. workers, putting them at increased risk of infection, a new study finds. Those 108 million workers tend to be among the lowest paid and are […]

A Doctor Confronts Medical Errors — And Systemic Flaws That Create Mistakes : Shots

Dr. Danielle Ofri, author of When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error, says medical mistakes are likely to increase as resource-strapped hospitals treat a rapid influx of COVID-19 patients. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Dr. Danielle Ofri, author of When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error, […]

Scientists Say New Strain of Swine Flu Virus Is Spreading to Humans in China

HONG KONG — A new strain of the H1N1 swine flu virus is spreading silently in workers on pig farms in China and should be “urgently” controlled to avoid another pandemic, a team of scientists says in a new study. H1N1 is highly transmissible and spread around the world in 2009, killing about 285,000 people […]

Personal Boundaries and Building Self Love

Personal boundaries can feel vague or confusing for many. Boundaries are a concept that should be tied into establishing a firm sense of right and wrong regarding your comfort zone, your personal space, your emotions and feelings, and what you value in your personal safety and security. Since boundaries work both ways, they are also […]

Studies Detail Syndrome in Kids Linked to COVID

June 29, 2020 — Nearly 300 children in 26 states fell ill with a mysterious COVID-related inflammatory condition between March and May, a pair of new studies show. Six of the children died. The studies are the most detailed accounts to date of the illness called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. […]